The Graham Norton Show… according to Elton John

Dame Judi Dench, John Bishop and Jeremy Paxman join Elton on the Friday night chat show, but what if Elton turned the conversation to that beard...


The Graham Norton Show is full to the brim with talent this week as Dame Judi Dench, comedian John Bishop, broadcaster Jeremy Paxman and musical legend Elton John take a seat on the big red sofa. 


But could the entire evening go without mention of Paxman’s rather famous beard? You know, the one he sported on Newsnight and it was all anyone could talk about? Well, not when there’s a chance to take a few screen shots from the show and imagine what Elton John is (ie. more than likely isn’t) saying…

Ladies and gentlemen I don’t know what to tell you. It’s like Celebrity Super Spa over there.

Yeah, we’ve got to sort this Jeremy Paxman beard situation out. I’ve got these wax strips out the back. You just pull them apart like so…

It’s quite a bushy beard now, so I’ll probably need to stand up. Get a bit of leverage.

Hands up if you fancy pulling one of the strips off?

Oh go on Graham, please let me do it.

Look there’s no need to be scared. I’ve done this like – zero- times before. But it’ll be fine. 

Look, I’ll hold on to you. It’s just a little waxing.

I could probably just shave a bit off with my shoes.

Oh Judi we can dye your hair afterwards. It’ll be so Dench!

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