George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces: 10 weird places to spend the night

Channel 4’s new show lets us peek around unique hideaways. Read on to find out where in the world you can stay in such a bizarre abode yourself

Every week on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces (8pm, Thursdays) The Home Show and The Restoration Man presenter discovers more fascinating and bizarre architectural feats. If, like us, you’re feeling inspired by what you’ve seen on screen, why not bed up in a bonkers abode for the night? Read on for our 10 favourite weird guest houses around the world…


1. The Mirrorcube, Sweden

The famous lightweight aluminum box, covered in mirrors is attached to a tree and appears to float on thin air – or even to be invisible altogether. With space for a bathroom, terrace and double bed, you and your other half can sleep like birds in the trees. Its eco-conscious designers have even thought of the effect it may have on our winged friends. They’ve created an ultraviolet coating on the mirrors that only birds can see, so they won’t splat against your window.

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2. Dog Bark Park Inn, USA

The owners of this farm in Idaho are chainsaw artists. They decided to do something entirely different with their skills and their land – they built a 30-feet tall beagle-themed B&B. Inside the head of the wooden canine (named Sweet Willy) there’s a loft room, which sleeps up to four guests at a time and comes complete with a little alcove in the muzzle. Meanwhile, the loo is cleverly disguised as a fire hydrant.

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3. Crazy House, Vietnam

This bonkers building, created by architect Dang Viet Nga, could be straight out of a Salvador Dalí painting. Apparently, the five story structure is supposed to represent the organic twisting elements of a Banyan Tree. Inside, guests will find winding passageways and sculpted concrete ornaments, including an eagle sitting on an egg, and a tiger jumping out of the wall.

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4. Museumotel, France

In true artistic-French style, this cool little collection of bubble-shaped abodes look as spectacular on the inside as they do on the outside. Sleeping between two and five people, each pod has a different retro, pop art theme. Choose between pink and orange spotted cushions and swirly red sheets or opt for the ‘love room’, dowsed in sickly pink heart shapes. If the cheesy Austin Powers look isn’t your thing, go for the location – a beautiful green island in the centre of a river.

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5. The Balancing Barn, England

George Clarke visits this fascinating Suffolk property as part of his Amazing Spaces show (8pm, Thursdays, Channel 4). This award winning design consists of a 30-metre-long barn covered in silver tiles, which appears to balance on a hill. Inside there are four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and large windows throughout, offering incredible views of the nearby wildlife nature reserve and a lake beneath.

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6. 727 Fuselage Home, Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Fifteen metres up in the Costa Rican jungle sits an abandoned aircraft turned guest house. This very same plane once transported travellers on South Africa Air and Colombian carrier Avianca Airlines. Inside, it’s been decked out with Costa Rican teak panelling and hand-carved Indonesian furniture. From the comfort of the two bedrooms or wing deck, guests can enjoy scenic ocean and jungle views.

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7. Edvard’s igloo, Greenland

Set right in the Arctic, opposite the Ice Fjord, you’ll find these little igloos from which to watch the icebergs float by. The remarkable designs come complete with beds, kitchenettes, bathrooms and even TVs. Fully heated, these mini pods offer a superb view of the Northern Lights.

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8. La Rosa Gypsy Camp, Whitby, England

Reclaimed wagons and circus tents make up this quirky set-up in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Some interiors are kitsch with gold embroidered cushions, weird frescos and ornaments, while others are super-pink, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding style. If you’re scared of the dark, steer clear. The owners only use candles and fairy lights to light the camp.

9. Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

Kinky, creepy and downright odd, Propeller Island City Lodge’s guest rooms double as art projects. One has a hovering ‘grandma bed’, one has furniture on the ceiling, one has green padded walls and one (above) has two 1.5-metre cages in the centre of the room, which are also beds.

10. Capsule Hotel, Den Haag, Netherlands

Once used as survival pods on oil rigs, these little orange floating devices can now be rented out as quirky places to sleep. Based in a surfers’ village near The Hague, the retro 1972 capsules are just 4.25-metres wide and fit up to three people inside. The most luxurious of them all includes a TV and DVD player, plus a Martini making kit.

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