Strictly Come Dancing 2013: 5 best moments from week five

Quality quicksteps, sparkly chairs and edible hats...

1. Fiona was fabulous


Former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton found herself at the bottom of the leader board last week following a lacklustre rumba. Even she looked like she got bored half way through.

This week it was a different story. Fiona had found her dancing feet with an impressive quickstep routine. Whether it was Roger Moore’s encouragement or Anton’s tough loving that persuaded her to pull it out of the bag, we’ll never know… It was certainly worthy of a glass of bubbly though.

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2. Craig sat on a sparkly throne

Now we know he’s recently undergone a hip operation and all, but didn’t Craig look awfully smug to be sat on a big comfy, sparkly throne this week? We’re sure he’s always suspected he deserves a bigger chair than the other judges. When it comes to Strictly, we all know it’s the sparklier the better.

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3. Deborah surprised on the dancefloor

The judges might not have loved it but Deborah deserved her standing ovation. Do they know how difficult it is to sit elegantly on the edge of a table? Let alone when that table is gliding across a dance floor on live television!

Yes, she might sometimes look slightly out of her comfort zone. But this week Deborah was elegant, light on her feet and a pleasure to watch. Plus sparkly purple gowns really suit her. We can only hope Dragon’s Den costume department are taking note…

4. Dave danced appallingly

Appalling might sound like a harsh word, but the judges were right. The Hairy Biker was out of sync almost the entire way through. Dave’s fruity salsa flitted between being unbearably inept and enjoyably good-humoured. But you just can’t fault the man for trying.

Plus anyone who starts their dance on a fruit trolley and finishes it by eating a banana out of their dancing partner’s hat is fine by us.

Watch Strictly Come Dancing live with Radio Times Travel, see here for more details

5. Patrick didn’t hold back

Poor Casualty star Patrick Robinson ended up in… well, casualty this week after suffering a serious hand injury. Strictly bosses were worried he might be out of the competition, and were certain his routine, which included lifting his professional partner Anya Garnis, would have to be completely changed. But Patrick wasn’t worried and went ahead with getting Anya airbourne anyway.

Throwing someone around over your head while your wrist is out of action is either incredibly clever or incredibly stupid. Either way, Patrick definitely isn’t one to give up easily.

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