Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model: the winner’s interview

23-year-old Lauren Lambert has been been named this year's champion over Emma Ward and Sarah Kennedy


Lauren Lambert is the winner of the ninth series of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model after beating off competition from Sarah Kennedy and Emma Ward. snatched a few moments with the industry’s next star to hear all about her expereinces in the model house and her plans for the future. 


Congratulations Lauren! How does it feel to have won?

The feeling is so hard to explain. It’s the best feeling ever, I couldn’t believe it. My heart literally burst with joy and happiness because everything I worked so hard for has finally come true. It’s now going to be my life.

What was your first thought when you heard your name called out?

The first thing that came to mind was “Oh my god, thank you god!” and my nanny was very proud of me. I was shocked and very emotional.

Did you feel you had the ability to win from the start?

From the start until the end I was open minded. I never thought from the start I had the ability to win as I had no idea what the judges were looking for, but if I didn’t believe in myself I wouldn’t have been on BINTM.

What have you learned during the competition?

I learned that the industry will be very challenging and you will have to do things you may not want to do but we are just blank canvases so if the client wants to cut our hair, we have to do it because it’s all about the client. I also learned how to live with thirteen other girls and I learned a lot about myself and my strengths.

How did the judges – Elle, Tyson and Dannii – help you out?

The judges were extremely helpful when it came to my angles. The whole experience was a learning curve for my future career.

What did they say to you after you won?

They told me congratulations…

Who did you get on best with during your time in the house?

My girls – Sarah (my irish red-haired beauty) and Angel (my bubbly african beauty). They are both genuinely amazing people – down to earth, funny, kind hearted and very passionate about modelling. We gelled a lot. I love those two!

Who do you feel you didn’t bond with?

A few of the girls – Holly and Saffron. We just never clicked.  

How has winning changed your life since the final?

It’s changed my life forever and my family’s, but it hasn’t quite sunk in as I haven’t started modelling yet.

What have you been up to since?


I was going to go to university but was advised not to so I’ve been preparing for modelling and spending as much time as I can with family and friends as modelling will take up all my time.