Strictly Come Dancing 2013: Dave Myers

Hairy Biker swaps baking and biking for ballroom in this year's dancing competition


Name: David Myers


Age: 55

Twitter: @HairyBikers

Famous for: One half of the cooking-cum-travel duo the Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers is best known for whipping up a culinary storm on the move and has also penned many a successful cookery book with his biker pal Simon King.

“I’m looking for someone that will be able to teach me to dance! I am going to give it 100%, but I’ll still need someone that is patient and that has feet of steel.”

Bio: Dave’s most recent culinary jaunts have helped get him in tip top condition for his sparkly outfits. In fact, BBC Two’s The Hairy Dieters sw him shed three stone in weight.

Before Dave hopped on his motorbike and began his cookery show, he worked as a furnaceman in a steelworks in order to support himself through a fine arts Master’s degree.

Dave has also previously worked at the BBC as a make-up artist who specialised in prosthetics.

There’ll be no hiding behind a fake nose in this gig, but it seems he’s up to the challenge.

“I can go to a party and strut my stuff and fling myself around and not get too knackered, but I went on a cruise a couple of years ago and went to a few of the ballroom dancing nights and felt really inadequate. Some of those people really could move and danced beautifully. I just want to learn to dance like that really.”

Dave isn’t afraid to switch his look up for the show either.

“I am going to wear as much fake tan and glitter as possible. I’ve never fake tanned before – I’ll do anything! This isn’t the type of thing you can blag; it’s going to be solid hard work.” 

Plus he’s hoping his artistic flair in the kitchen will extend to the ballroom.

“It’s a bit like when we are doing our live shows where we cook in front of 3,000 people. We will work out the choreography beforehand between us so we know the recipes. Doing that helps to give us the flexibility to lark about a bit and that’s when it gets a bit magical. I am hoping to recreate that approach on the dance floor.”  

See Dave (in his pants) learning about weight loss:

Strictly Come Dancing starts this Saturday, 6:50pm, BBC1