Coronation Street spoilers: John Michie on Karl’s plan to murder Dev

“He knows he has to stop Dev but he’s running out of ways to do this. He’s starting to think that the only option left is to kill him"

Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) may be obsessed with clearing Sunita’s name, but little does he realise that his obsession is provoking a guilty-minded Karl, who fears that his secret actions are now under threat of exposure.


The final straw comes next week when Dev reveals that he’s asking the police to look at the CCTV footage form the hospital to see if anyone had access to Sunita’s room. Karl’s rattled and as Dev talks back at the house, Karl picks up a golf trophy and positions himself behind his unsuspecting target. So is Karl about to silence Dev for good?

“Karl’s emotions are flying all over the place at this point,” admits John Michie, who plays Karl. “He knows he has to stop Dev but he’s running out of ways to do this. He’s starting to think that the only option left is to kill him. But I think Karl is so caught up in the madness of the world in which he’s living that he can’t think straight. But then he does suddenly get this moment of clarity where he realises he cannot go through with this. But then again, he also has a moment where he does actually want to go through with it because of the frustrating way Dev is talking and behaving.”

It seems that Karl’s attempts at dissembling are becoming more unsuccessful as the days go by. So does Michie think his character is now losing the plot?

“Yes, I think he’s in utter turmoil, but he’s quite good at covering his feelings. Every time you see him on screen something is bubbling under the surface. He’s constantly covering something up and sometimes he does this better than others.

“The fact is that Stella has become more than someone he wants to marry. He’s completely obsessed with her. His obsession will take him to God knows where. He’s just counting his blessings that he has the chance to be with her.”

Of course, Dev isn’t the only Weatherfield resident to have gotten beneath Karl’s skin. Leanne (Jane Danson) also had him pegged as a wrong ‘un a while back, so could she eventually become a victim?

“Well, he’s already threatened Leanne to keep her mouth shut but he would never ever consider getting rid of her. Leanne is the whole reason for Stella being in Weatherfield in the first place. Karl wants to outplay Leanne in a game of chess, whereas Dev is potentially dispensable. But then again Karl has a soft spot for Dev’s two kids. He’s a very confused man.”


Michie’s departure from the show was announced back in April, but what reaction has he had to the news of his exit? After all, fans do love a villain, no matter how reprehensible their actions: “Surprisingly a lot of people seem to be feeling sorry for Karl! A lot of people seem to think that he’s gotten himself into a lot of trouble and that it hasn’t all been his own doing. Some viewers don’t want to see Karl go, but he kind of has to.”