Elementary season 2 – where next for the wacky Sherlock Holmes update?

Sherlock's a woman! Watson is Moriarty! Jonny Lee Miller will swap places with Benedict Cumberbatch! Paul Jones has some theories about the next series of the US show


Season one of Elementary ended last night on Sky Living – and what a crazy ride it’s been. In case it passed you by, it was set in New York, not London, and in the 21st century, not the Victorian era. Dr Watson was a woman. And so was Moriarty (oh, and she was also Irene Adler, who was also Sherlock’s former girlfriend, who came back from the dead – but let’s not get too bogged down in the detail).


While all those changes may well have had Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spinning in his grave, they’ve been a recipe for success as far as Elementary goes, with a second series already on its way. The two-pipe problem now (not that Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes smokes a pipe, of course, he doesn’t smoke anything, he’s a recovering drug addict – sorry forgot to mention that) is where can it possibly go from here? Here are a few theories…

Watson is Moriarty

Anyone else think Joan Watson became a brilliant detective in her own right a little too easily? And that Natalie Dormer’s Irene Adler/”Moriarty” ended up being a bit too much of a pushover and falling for the oldest trick in the book: “We’re alone, so I may as well confess everything”? Joan is the real shadowy figure behind the shadowy figure, who has been manipulating Holmes all along (a “sober companion” is not actually a thing – get a grip people). Series two will see more of the same, with Joan/Moriarty planting the idea in Sherlock’s head that they should head to London in order to fulfil her ultimate goal – meeting Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Watson is Holmes

We’ve seen already (above) that Lucy Liu’s character may, in fact, have been manipulating Sherlock Holmes all along – but in this version of the hypothesis she actually is the detective and “Holmes” is a vulnerable mental patient/idiot savant/idiot she uses as a front for her investigations. It’s not the first time a theory like this has been posited – 1988 movie Without a Clue saw Ben Kingsley’s Dr Watson shunning the limelight and feeding his deductions to hapless actor Michael Caine, who he’d employed to play the role of the great detective.

Holmes is a woman

We’ve had a female Watson and a female Moriarty, so what’s next? A female Sherlock Holmes, of course. Flashbacks will reveal that the detective is a post-op transsexual who uses his copious tattoos and funny walk to hide the evidence of his (really, really good) surgery. Holmes’s addiction to intravenous drugs? A cover up for his constant need to inject the male hormones that produce that facial hair and convincing receding hairline. Sherlock’s “fake overdose” – supposedy a plan to trap Moriarty – was actually just quick thinking on the detective’s part as he was about to be discovered shooting up testosterone.

Jonny Lee Miller swaps roles with Benedict Cumberbatch

These two have previous here, having alternated the parts of Dr Victor Frankenstein and his monstrous creation in Danny Boyle’s stage play. Elementary creator Rob Doherty has already revealed that season two of Elementary will see Miller shooting in London for the first time, and anyone who’s wondered about the levels of secrecy and casting-related red herrings surrounding the filming of Sherlock series three now has an explanation – Benedict Cumberbatch’s detective will be taking over Miller’s New York beat while he in turn joins forces with a very confused John Watson.


Any theories of your own about the new series of Elementary? Share them in the comments box below…