EastEnders spoilers: Liam and Kane’s showdown – new details released

Kane tries to coerce the scared teenager into changing his statement to the police, but will Liam stay strong?


In the closing seconds of last night’s EastEnders, we saw scared teen Liam Butcher (James Forde) confronted in his own home by the menacing Kane (Harry Rafferty). But what is it that the intimidating gang leader wants?


In tonight’s episode (BBC1, 8pm) viewers will see Liam realise that he needs to make an escape and runs for the front door. But as he fiddles with the locks, Kane starts to talk to Liam about what he needs to do to make all the trouble stop.

“I don’t understand what you want,” says Liam.


“Yeah, you do,” replies Kane, before telling Liam that he must tell the police he’s changing his statement. Thinking this could be a way to end everything and be safe again, Liam begins to listen to Kane. But will he fall back in with the gang or stay strong and reject Kane’s offer?