EastEnders spoilers: Liam Butcher terrorised by gang leader Kane at home

The pressure mounts for Bianca's son as he faces intimidation behind closed doors


A month on from his stabbing, Liam Butcher (James Forde) is to face further trouble at the hands of the Byron Estate gang. In scenes to be broadcast next week, Bianca’s son will be confronted in his own home by Kane (Harry Rafferty) following a campaign of intimidation.


The scare tactics begin when Liam receives a text message that reads ‘Liam RIP’, but the troubled teenager initially finds it difficult to open up to his mum. It’s only when Tiff is discovered in possession of a MP3 player given to her by a girl who hangs out with the gang that Liam explains the situation to Bianca (Patsy Palmer).

But despite Bianca’s call to the authorities resulting in an increased police presence on the Square, the atmosphere is further strained when a brick is hurled through the kitchen window, narrowly missing Carol and the kids.

Later, in an effort to stop his mum from worrying, Liam offers to stay at home and wait for the window replacement man to arrive. However, as soon as Bianca and Carol have gone to work, a petrified Liam desperately checks that the house is securely locked up.

It’s not long though before Liam’s mobile begins to constantly ring, but knowing that it will be the gang, Liam refuses to pick up. Soon the home phone also starts ringing and, having had enough, Liam rips out the landline and throws his mobile away. When someone then knocks at the front door, Liam’s fear is palpable but he’s relieved to discover that it is Masood (Nitin Ganatra), who’s come to pass on some schoolwork.

But after shutting the door and putting the locks back on, Liam returns to the kitchen only to find gang leader Kane (Harry Rafferty) sitting at the kitchen table. With the home phone unplugged and his mobile in the bin, Liam is petrified and asks, “What do you want?” Kane then replies with his trademarked menace: “You.”


See the scenes in full on Thursday 25 April at 7.30pm on BBC1.