Coronation Street spoilers: Chesney and Katy’s new heartbreak – first look pictures

After Katy spends the night at Ryan's, Ches is quick to jump to conclusions

Is this finally the end of the road for Katy and Chesney? As these new images reveal, it looks like their relationship could be over for good – but what are the reasons for these latest ructions? 


The problems start when Katy tires of Chesney’s jealousy and, after dressing up to the nines, she tells Owen she’s off out to enjoy herself. Finding Katy at the bus stop, Ryan’s taken aback when she tells him she’s coming clubbing with him. Katy then gets drunk with Ryan later insisting that she stays with him. 


However, the next day, Chesney sets off to find Katy, intent on building bridges. But when he spots her leaving Ryan’s flat, having clearly stayed out all night, he’s gutted. Katy tries again to make peace with Chesney and assures him that she didn’t sleep with Ryan. But can she make herself heard? Find out in the episode set to air on Wednesday 24 April.