Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

25-29 March: Jason and Sunita are under suspicion of starting the Rovers blaze, Tyrone goes on trial, while in Walford Liam ends up in hospital with a stab wound

Coronation Street


Soaps inhabit an ethical universe, so surely it’s only a matter of time before Karl is exposed as the Rovers arsonist and Kirsty is revealed to be a lying, conniving so-and-so? Surely? Yet it seems that Weathefield’s moral compass is on the fritz: Jason and Sunita both find themselves under suspicion of starting the blaze, while Kirsty puts on a bravura show at Tyrone’s trial, painting him as a wife-batterer. Come on, people — let’s have some justice!


What is it these days with pub cellars and naked flames? The fire at the Rovers in Corrie may have been doused, but now we have Robbie downstairs at the Woolpack brandishing a lighter while surrounded by smashed bottles of spirits. Cameron’s kneejerk solution is to give Robbie a punch and bundle him into his van — a move that, based on past performance, doesn’t bode that well for anyone who gets on the wrong side of Cam.



When Liam joined the Byron estate gang, he really should have read the small print. Membership doesn’t just involve wearing your sweatpants low and glowering on street corners — for Liam it also means stealing from McKlunkys and proving his worth with his fists. By the week’s end, he’s in hospital with a stab wound, his friendship with the knuckle-dragging Kane having soured dramatically. For light relief we have Jean and Ian in a Walford Bake-Off as they scrap over supplies of icing sugar.