EastEnders spoilers: Bianca lashes out and slaps Liam – first look pictures

Viewers will see Bianca reach breaking point with her son later this month


This is the moment when a fraught Bianca (Patsy Palmer) loses her temper with son Liam (James Forde) after growing increasingly worried by his associations with a teen gang. 


In a forthcoming episode, Bianca will reach her wits’ end with Liam’s behaviour and, as a last resort to try and protect him, will lock him in his bedroom. 

Later, Bianca tries to get through to Liam and they finally begin to talk. As Liam tells his mum that he’s sorry, Bianca opens the door but Liam quickly turns on his mum and tells her that she’s the reason he’s turned out like this. Desperate and angry, Bianca then lashes out and slaps her son. 

Patsy Palmer recently said to RadioTimes.com of her current storyline: “Once you learn about these gangs, you realise that most of the kids are bullied at the beginning into getting involved. Especially if they’re quiet kids. And then once they’re in with the gang, the more scared they become and the more they have to do to prove themselves. It’s really horrible. 

“If we get one viewer who decides to become a youth worker or feels brave enough to tell the police after watching this storyline, then it’ll have done some good.” 


Viewers can see these scenes on Tuesday 19 March at 7.30pm on BBC1.