Which is the best British TV pub?

The Campaign for Real Ale has crowned the best boozer in Britain - but which is the onscreen champion?

The good old British boozer – a place to meet, to catch up with local gossip and to sink a pint or two. And just as art holds up a tastefully-etched gin palace mirror to real life, so many TV shows make the pub their social hubs.


So as The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) names The Baum in Rochdale the best pub in Britain, we’re asking you to choose its onscreen equivalent.

Will it be one of the many establishments frequented several times weekly by the residents of Weatherfield, Emmerdale, Walford or Hollyoaks?

Perhaps it’s a fondly remembered old boozer like Del Boy and Rodney’s hangout The Nag’s Head or Arthur and Terry’s hostelry of choice The Winchester Club.

Maybe you supped your first pint during the 90s and prefer somewhere classy like The Archer, from Two Pints and a Packet of Crisps, or The Crown from Men Behaving Badly.

Or possibly you like a good northern pub, in which case you’ll plump for the Chatsworth Estate’s Jockey, Life on Mars’s Railway Arms or The Grapes, the scene of comedy Early Doors.

Vote for your favourite British TV pub below, and whichever you choose, remember – ours is a pint of white wine.