Should Splash! get a second series?

As coach Andy Banks hints at another round of high-diving, let us know whether you want to see a return for Tom Daley's talent contest

It’s fair to say that Tom Daley’s Splash! divided the nation. Widely panned by critics who took issue with has-been celebrities donning skimpy swimwear to bellyflop off a diving board, the series was an unexpected hit amongst viewers with Saturday’s finale seeing a surge in viewing figures as 5.52 million (including ITV HD and ITV+1) watched Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards scoop the trophy. ITV can call Splash! a reality show success, when many were predicting it to disappear with a half-hearted ripple.


Of course, Tom Daley’s pulling power stretches a long way – as does Linda Barker’s bikini body, apparently. And following Saturday’s grand dive-off, reports have emerged that the Dutch format is to be handed a second series thanks to comments made by diving coach and Splash! judge Andy Banks.

“We were told just before the final show when we were in our judges’ meeting,” he told the Plymouth Herald. “They just came in and said ‘good news, a second series has been given the go-ahead.’ I’m absolutely delighted.

“Obviously they may tweak things for the second series. But it was a good opener and things can only get better. Tom will be a main part in it and I hope to be involved again.”

ITV have yet to comment officially on a second series of the diving contest, but while we wait on the news, we want to know what you think: do you fancy watching another string of Z-listers throwing themselves from perilous heights? There are few hot-blooded women who would turn down the opportunity to see Tom Daley don his Speedo for round two, but are we really giving a big thumbs up to what feels like an Alan Partridge-inspired reality format?


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