EastEnders spoilers: Liam brings the police to Bianca’s door – picture preview

Problems mount at No 31 Albert Square after Liam's truanting leads to a showdown


Problems mount for Bianca (Patsy Palmer) next week after the police discover that Liam (James Forde) has been truanting from school.  Upon returning him to the family home, the officers tell Bianca that the council takes repeated truancy seriously and, should it continue, Bianca could be fined or sent to prison. 


The next day, Bianca is informed that Liam has again failed to turn up at school, leaving the fraught mum absolutely livid. After receiving short shrift from Shirley (Linda Henry), who tells her that she’s getting tough with her kids because of her own mistakes, Bianca tries to keep calm and makes Liam his favourite dinner in a bid to get through to him. 

But the strategy backfires when the pair end up having a blazing row: “You’ve been banged up half my life!” rails Liam, before angrily telling Bianca that he earns more than her. After Liam throws a ten-pound note on the table, a raging Bianca then flies at her son and pins him against the wall, just as Carol (Lindsey Coulson) and Kat (Jessie Wallace) enter the house. 

Yesterday, BBC1 announced that EastEnders has been working with Comic Relief on a storyline that sees Liam becoming involved in gang culture. Executive producer Lorraine Newman commented: 


“This subject matter is something which is touching the lives of so many young people in London and other cities around the UK. We have taken the opportunity to see the impact from a mother’s perspective and Patsy Palmer gives a powerful performance of a mother doing all she can to protect her son.”