Hebburn series two and Christmas special for BBC2 in 2013

The Geordie sitcom's writers promise that they've got "loads planned for 'Hebburn 2.0'" and "we are finally going to find out what Winny did"


BBC2’s Geordie sitcom Hebburn will return to TV for a second six-part series and a Christmas special during 2013.


Starring Jim Moir (AKA Vic Reeves), Gina McKee, Chris Ramsey and Kimberly Nixon, the show is based on creator Jason Cook’s experiences of growing up in the North East and tells the story of the Pearson family after son Jack returns home having married a middle-class Jewish girl called Sarah while holidaying in Las Vegas.

Cook said he was thrilled to learn that the show had been re-commissioned and assured viewers that he and co-writer Graham Duff have got “loads planned for ‘Hebburn 2.0’”.

“I’m obviously proper over the moon about the second series,” said Cook. “Series one was so well received that we always had hopes of getting re-commissioned but now it’s real! And having a Christmas special really is the icing on the cake; I got quite giddy when I was told we’d got that.

“There’s loads planned for ‘Hebburn 2.0’ and we can’t give anything away although I can say that we are finally going to find out what Winny did.”

The show’s first series ended on a sour note when dad Joe Pearson (Moir) suffered a stroke at Jack and Sarah’s second “wedding ceremony”, leaving the family facing an uncertain future.

Described by Radio Times reviewer David Butcher as “bawdy but warm”, the first series of Hebburn, which began airing in October 2012, regularly attracted audiences of over 1m viewers per episode.

Kristian Smith, the BBC’s Executive Editor of Comedy Commissioning said: “I’m thrilled that audiences have taken Hebburn to their hearts as much as we have, and delighted we’re making a second series. Jason’s creation is a brilliant piece of comedy and we’re so lucky to have such a phenomenal cast bringing it all to life.”


The new series will go into production this summer and is expected to air later in the year.