Emmerdale: Thomas King is revealed as Chas’s mystery stalker

Jimmy King unmasks his nephew as the assailant in tonight's double bill


She’s had bottles thrown at her, been sent photographs of herself with the eyes scratched out and received numerous prank calls – but Chas Spencer (Lucy Pargeter) has now discovered the identity of her stalker.


In the second of this evening’s episodes of Emmerdale, Jimmy King (Nick Miles) was shown pursuing and tackling a hooded figure to the floor after Chas had spotted her harasser attempting to flee. It was then revealed that the mystery assailant was, in fact, Jimmy’s nephew Thomas (Mark Flanagan).

Thomas, whose father Carl (Tom Lister) was murdered by Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) back in October, believes Chas is responsible for his dad’s death even though the courts recently found her not guilty of the crime.

“You think you can kill my dad and get away with it,” he railed at Chas. “Everyone knows you’re a murderer.”

Chas then tried to placate the troubled teenager by replying, “I know you have every right to hate me, but you have to believe I was defending myself.”

It seems though that Thomas is yet to be convinced by Chas’s words, despite his outburst last year during his father’s funeral that Carl was a rapist who got what he deserved. Thomas was last seen on screen back in November when he returned to live with his mother in Saudi Arabia. However, it was revealed tonight that he’d been spending time in hostels while targeting Chas.


Emmerdale continues tomorrow on ITV1 at 7pm