The X Factor 2012: the best and worst moments

What a year it's been - Ivana Sidey counts down the ten most memorable sights and sounds of this year's show

10. Lucy Spraggan’s first audition


Spraggan’s X Factor journey was sadly cut short due to ill health. But unlike past contestants who have made an untimely departure, the cheeky singer-songwriter is likely to be remembered, thanks to her memorable first audition.

Her own song Last Night remains one of the most popular auditions of all time. It soared through the iTunes chart before being removed in the interest of fairness to the other contestants. But you can expect to see Spraggan again soon.

9. James Arthur singing Let’s Get It On

After being in the bottom two the previous week, James Arthur needed to pull something special out of the bag. He certainly did that, in the shape of a sexy and soulful rendition of Marvin Gaye’s classic.

The unforgettable performance transformed James into a sex symbol.

8. Gary walking off

Way back in week one of the live shows, the first sing-off was between Carolynne Poole and Rylan Clark. Rylan eventually escaped elimination after receiving the most public votes.

Everyone was pleased, except for Gary Barlow, who stormed off the set, pushed a camera and locked himself in his dressing room. Seeing a grown man throw a strop is always TV gold.

7. Ella’s shock exit

The judges were fighting over her, the bookies were making her a favourite, but the public were not. The 16 year old’s exit sent shockwaves through the viewing audience.

6. Rihanna

Every week there are guest performances by an array of stars, but the most memorable has to be Rihanna – smoking hot and soaking wet as she belted out her number one hit Diamonds.

Even fully clothed Rihanna still managed to be risqué – that’s entertainment.

5. Christopher Maloney’s rendition of Just Haven’t Met You Yet

This rendition is probably still fresh in most people’s memories, mainly because the tuneless performance will be so hard to forget.

The Liverpudlian singer warbled his way through the Michael Bublé classic. Unfortunately for Chris, most of the show’s viewers took to Twitter and assumed he was singing “I just haven’t met you yet” to the correct key.

4. Fagashbreathgate

Tulisa questioned Gary’s mentoring of the dated Christopher Maloney. Gary replied that he didn’t know what was “more offensive, what you’ve just said or your fag-ash breath.” Tulisa looked stunned, Dermot looked stunned, we looked stunned. Incredible.

3. Rylan and Gary’s banter

Rylan Clark and Gary Barlow’s on-stage banter was often even more entertaining than the actual performances, until the flamboyant singer was given the boot.

Our personal highlight has to be when Gary quizzed Rylan on which Take That member he was, during his time as a tribute act. Rylan’s reply: “Well I definitely weren’t you Gary I’m too skinny for that!” Clark 1-0 Barlow.

2. Nicole’s Scherzinger-isms

The former Pussycat Doll has been a surprise hit on the judging panel, famed for her crazy comments. The best one has to be “Jah-mazing”, which is now being used by Louis and Gary to describe an incredible performance. We hope that the Jah-mazing, Sha-mazing Sherze is here to stay.

1. Tulisa’s live performance

The female boss’s highly anticipated performance was so bad it was brilliant. Tulisa sang her own song live, apart from the high notes, which she unashamedly mimed.

Tulisa had her hood up, so you couldn’t see her urban roots. Most viewers tweeted that they wished she’d also covered up her bad singing.