Soap pick of the day: Coronation Street – Maria’s secret is exposed, plus Jason attacks Marcus

It all kicks off tonight - both in the Rovers and on the football pitch

“It’s gonna be a quiet one tonight,” says Mandy from behind the bar of the Rovers. “I can feel it in my waters.”


Whenever anyone has a line like that, you just know there’ll be a fistfight by last orders. And sure enough, after Sean catches Maria and Marcus mid-snog at the flat, it isn’t long before Jason finds out the truth about why Maria has dumped him. 

“You love Kylie Minogue and Canal Street. You don’t love her!” he yells at Marcus before letting fly. 

Meanwhile, Steve and Rob’s seething jealousy surfaces on the football field. After Steve is drafted in as a last-minute player for the Rovers’ five-a-squad squad, he causes no end of chaos during the match and does him damndest to ensure that Rob is denied goal-scoring opportunities. 

On the sidelines, Stella is goaded by Carole from the Weatherfield Arms: “You never could control your men,” she chides, a reference to both the on-pitch debacle and her history with Stella’s ex Karl.


Coronation Street is on ITV1 at 7.30 and 8.30pm