Strictly 2012 backstage gossip: Louis is looking for love

The single Olympic medalist has decided the time has come to settle down

THE GOSSIP: Form an orderly queue, ladies – single Strictly heartthrob Louis Smith is looking for love… The star has confessed that he is keen to share lazy Sundays in front of the TV with a special someone – and you may not need to be famous to qualify! 


QUOTE FROM THE SINGLE STRICTLY STAR: “I do need to find someone. I’m not sure yet whether it’s better to find someone in the same industry as me or someone completely under the radar. What I really like is, when I finally get a day off, on a Sunday I just want to chill. Wake up with my girlfriend, stick the kettle on, get the blanket, chill out on the sofa, watch some movies, no make up, not having to impress. Just chilling.”  

A “SOURCE” ADDED: “He’s always checking out girls, but he doesn’t know how to approach them… A lot of the other dancers think he has a good chance of winning, but what he would really like is a girlfriend.” (Now! magazine) 


RADIOTIMES.COM VERDICT: 4/5. Let’s hope he means it. It’s about time a 2012 Strictly romance came out of the woodwork… And we’re sure besotted judge Darcey – as well as most of the population of Britain – would be only too happy to oblige. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up under a blanket with Louis?!