Strictly Come Dancing Halloween special review

"The show was not for those of a nervous disposition - Brucie and Tess’s Gangnam Style routine was possibly the most unsettling moment of the evening..."


Saturday’s Strictly Come Dancing Halloween special promised that anything could happen, and the spook-tacular show certainly did not disappoint.


There are certain things you expect from a production like this – fake blood, fangs and Thriller. The group dance to the Michael Jackson classic culminated in Craig being attacked by a pack of zombie dancers – not a total nightmare as far as many viewers will have been concerned.

The show was certainly not for those of a nervous disposition. A disclaimer provided a warning but audience members were still given quite a scare when Brucie and Tess broke into a Gangnam Style dance routine. Possibly the most unsettling moment of the entire evening.

The first celebrity couple to begin their fright night were Danni and Vincent, with a Scooby Doo routine. The scariest parts were Vincent’s shocking white blonde “Fred” wig, and a surprise cameo from a monstrous Anton Du Beke days after he was voted off the competition along with partner Jerry Hall.

Next to face the fearsome foursome were Richard and Erin. Richard’s smouldering matador paso doble received a standing ovation. He explained he became “so macho” by calling Sinitta, an impromptu X Factor crossover despite the schedule changes.

Lisa’s Charleston to Witch Doctor certainly had the “Wolla wolla bing bang”, but by the end of the night, she, Richard and Killer Queen Fern were in the bottom three, fighting to remain in the land of the Strictly living. 

Fortunately for Victoria, she escaped another costume scare after last week’s disaster, and her ghoulish corpse bride was hauntingly beautiful.

The couple who will be keeping many people awake at night were Michael and Natalie. After being in the dance-off last week, the magician and his assistant performed some real black magic and bewitched the judges to conjure up 8’s on their pumpkin score boards.

However, last week’s bewitching Dirty Dancing routine ensured all eyes were on Louis Smith. Once again, he was supernaturally good. Len wanted to re-watch his routine, so did many of the female viewers, but possibly for different reasons. 

Kimberly and Pacha were the final gruesome twosome of the night. Last week’s “good news from Goodman” seems to have continued, as the Girl Aloud received her personal best score for her “Sexy Pacha double” with the big bad wolf.


The night was frightening but fantastic. But with the devilish dances completed, the contestants faced a sleepless night before one creepy couple would disappear forever into the Strictly graveyard.