Amy Pond’s memorable Doctor Who moments

From snogging the Time Lord to a marriage proposal from Van Gogh, Patrick Mulkern compiles Karen Gillan's best bits


1. The Little Girl Who Waited


Karen Gillan’s favourite episode is her first one: “It has a particular magic, a spellbinding quality.” Little Amelia (played by Gillan’s cousin, Caitlin Blackwood) was the 11th Doctor’s first pal. She fed him fish fingers and custard, but he left her waiting 12 years for a return. (The Eleventh Hour)

2. Snogging the Time Lord

Before her wedding to Rory, Amy pinged back the Doctor’s braces, banking on a night of passion. “She’s a normal girl with normal impulses,” said Karen Gillan, “but he basically sees her as little Amelia aged seven. So when she kisses him, he’s like, ‘Ooh, this is all wrong’.” (Flesh and Stone)

3. Holding out for a Hero

Centurion Rory dutifully guarded Amy for two millennia while she was inside the Pandorica. “It was brilliant,” said Arthur Darvill. “I never thought I’d get the chance to be a Roman soldier. It was a bit like wearing a one-man band – the uniform made so much noise!” (The Big Bang)

4. Van Gogh proposes marriage

In a tearjerking episode by Richard Curtis, the troubled artist proposed to Amy: “We will have children by the dozen.” After his suicide, Amy told the Doctor: “If we’d got married, our kids would have had very red hair… The ultimate ginge. Brighter than sunflowers.” (Vincent and the Doctor)

5. Growing old fast

Trapped in another time stream, Amy waited 36 years to be rescued. “I volunteered to play older Amy. They were going to cast another woman,” said Gillan. “I spent hours in make-up.” In a heartbreaking scene, the older Amy gave up her life for her younger self. (The Girl Who Waited)

6. The mystery of Amy’s baby


Poor Amy – first her baby was kidnapped by evil Kovarian (Frances Barber), then she returned all grown up as River Song. “I couldn’t believe it when I read the script,” said Gillan. “It was the best. I get to be Alex Kingston’s mum!” (A Good Man Goes to War)