The worst X Factor auditions ever

Prepare yourself for tantrums, tuning disasters and lot of bleeping, as we take a look at some of the most explosive contestants from the last nine years

In the wake of the shocking debacle from Zoe Alexander on the X Factor last week, we’ve compiled a selection of the best of the worst auditions from nine years of the show, for your viewing pleasure.  Don’t forget to tune in on Saturday night at 8:10pm on ITV1 for more where these came from…


Series 3

Louis is in the firing line when he ill-advisedly tells Debbie Stevens, “You’re not a very good singer”, a woman who has moments before professed, “I’ve got it at all and I know I have”.  Announcing, “I really want to slap you now”, she leaves the room, returning with a large glass of water that she’s not planning to drink…

Series 4

Rachel Lester from Wales thinks she’s “better than Madonna”, but Simon Cowell thinks otherwise.”She’s everything I hate: rude, untalented, deluded, cocky”, he says. Her questionable attitude produces an unfavourable result from the judges, and a tirade of furious swearing follows as she is escorted out, snapping, “don’t touch me ’cause I’ll have you”.

Series 5

There’s never much hope for hollistic vocal coach, Ariel Burdett, who enters the audition room already antagonistic. The judges look on incredulously as she rips off her sticker and exclaims: “I am not a number, I am a human being!” before performing a constructed piece of music that Simon deems “horrific”, and Cheryl considers “really quite scary”.

Series 7

Best friends Abby and Lisa leave the judges opened mouthed as they storm from the stage before their audition has begun, blurt that the judges’ comments mean nothing to them, and then strike out at each other. Simon says gravely, “You have the worst attitudes of any contestants I have ever met”.

Series 8

Having crashed and burned at his last audition, George Gerasimou has turned a new leaf and thinks he’s ready to stomach whatever criticism might come his way. But after a poor performance which leads to negative feedback, his filthy outburst suggests otherwise, leading Gary Barlow to quip, “you’ve matured like a bad curry”.

Series 9


And finally, Pink tribute act Zoe Alexander underwhelms judges when she performs ‘So What’ from Pink despite having expressed a desire to “get… my own identity”. Receiving a blanket of negative responses, she proceeds to hurl the microphone across the stage, swearing hysterically at judges and audience, and woe betide any cameraman who gets in her way…