Engelbert Humperdinck’s Eurovision 2012 song revealed

Crooner will keep it classy in Baku with Love Will Set You Free


The BBC has released the first video of this year’s UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, sung by Engelbert Humperdinck – and if the promo clip is to be believed, in 2012 we’re keeping it nice and simple.


Love Will Set You Free is a straightforward ballad about lost love, with Mediterranean acoustic guitar stylings, lyrics stuffed with comfy platitudes and a key change that arrives with all the subtlety of a rhinoceros falling down stairs.

But the song – written by Sacha Skarbek, who co-wrote James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful, and Grammy-winning producer Martin Terefe – gives veteran crooner Humperdinck a chance to show off his range, and it passed the “hummable after one listen” test for us.

Eurovision 2012 takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan on 26 May.


What do you think of Love Will Set You Free? See our Eng belt it out below…