Strictly Come Dancing 2011: week 11 review

As Alex and Holly waltz off the dance floor, Alexia Skinitis names her favourite to win the competition

Every year, Bruno works himself into a bigger frenzy than ever before, and Craig sharpens his claws with added ferocity, as a politician with two left feet or a TV presenter with no sense of rhythm outstays their welcome on Strictly. But sage old Len doesn’t let it panic him.


Year in, year out, the head judge’s faith in the British public has remained steadfast, and once again his belief in our judgement has paid off – although I have to admit I am gutted to see Alex go.

Before taking to the floor for the semi-final she said herself that she was up against “the gladiators” – but didn’t she put up a great fight? Considering at the beginning she couldn’t tell her left from her right and James Jordan was terror-stricken when he first saw her dance, Alex has done superbly. (I won’t say “been on an incredible journey” because, as you’ll know if you read last week’s blog, it’s the one phrase guaranteed to send me running, screaming, for the hills…)

She may not have the sultry sexiness of Holly or the natural rhythm of Chelsee, but I thought The One Show host looked more beautiful, elegant and graceful than the other two girls dancing her Viennese waltz. 

And that’s surely what has got her so far in the competition – like most of us ordinary people, she’s not a born ballroom dancer, but she always seems like she’s giving it her best shot.

As for our other evicted contestant, Holly, she peaked last week and although there were flashes of brilliance in her Argentine tango, it just wasn’t as sharp or exciting. She lasted long enough in the show to prove she could create magic on the dance floor but the minute she didn’t maintain that, she was a goner.

So the gladiators prevailed and now all I pray is that the viewers make the right decision come next week’s final, because – as you may have gathered from my previous posts – I am hopelessly devoted to Harry.


At the beginning of the series he was a shy, quiet boy band member most viewers couldn’t have picked out of the McFly line-up, but he has blossomed throughout the competition. His confidence has grown, his personality has developed and now every time he steps on to the dancefloor you can sense the hairs growing on his chest. Just like his bandmate and I’m a Celebrity… winner Dougie, let’s hope next week Harry will be voted king of the ballroom!