Alex Jones: Strictly Come Dancing blog part seven

The One Show presenter says she still can't dance sexily - or tell left from right...


This year’s Strictly Come Dancing is now in full swing and I’m relishing each moment, but unfortunately my confidence, or lack of, is becoming a real issue. I still believe that I have two left feet – speaking of which, left and right still confuses me and, yes, I have trouble dancing “sexily”. I’m working solidly on overcoming this for fear of facing my biggest worry – no, not Craig Revel Horwood – but having to leave the competition at al.


The truth is that all of us contestants are now really feeling the pressure. I was devastated to see Rory go and his tears summed up the agony that we’d all feel at seeing a wonderful experience come to an end – and in Rory’s case, a premature end.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying my training sessions with James, although it’s fair to say that some of the paso doble training did test his patience. I lost a lot of confidence after our lustless rumba and found picking up the paso steps difficult. I never knew that swishing a skirt while pretending to be in a bad mood could be so tough! My arms ached, but it’s one way to banish the bingo wings.

Our main problem, though, is “selling” the dance, getting into character and being in the moment. Some of this year’s contestants are incredibly good at this. Take Jason, for instance, who looked terrifying during his paso. So my mission is to get into character and go for it! We’ve even practised some role-playing. I can manage to get my feet to do the right steps, but I need to arrange my face in such a way so that it looks like I’m doing more than remembering my steps.


That beautiful glitterball is still a million miles away, and I probably have more chance of winning the lottery than winning the trophy, but we all need something to aim for, so I’m going to reach for the stars and maybe, just maybe, I can blag a few more weeks in the wonderful world of Strictly!