The X Factor 2011: Judges’ houses – Louis Walsh’s over 25s

Sami? Kitty? Johnny? Who's your favourite? Read our guide to who's who

Yes, Louis Walsh has been lumbered with the notoriously difficult Over 25s category for the second year running. But before Walsh can attempt to lead his troops to victory, he must pick his final four from this lot. Could this year’s bunch of mature talent at last be harbouring a winner?


Sami Brookes – (Odds on winning: 20/1)

Who is she? One of the judge’s favourites, reckons she is “too thick” to do anything other than singing. Luckily for her, this barmaid happens to be incredible at singing.
We say: Sami will make it through quicker than you can say “Mary Byrne”.

Jonjo Kerr – 33/1

Who is he? Pseudo-Mr Nasty, Gary Barlow, had a go at him when he asked if he could start again at his audition.
We say: Amazing voice, but “could let nerves get the better of him”. Will almost certainly go through, then.

Kitty Brucknell – 50/1

Who is she? The one who wore a battery-powered, light-up leotard and collapsed in tears when she got through. Bit on the overdramatic side.
We say: She will get through to provide that essential Katie Waissel-inspired non-likeability factor.

Terry Winstanley – 50/1

Who is he? Looks like the Godfather after a break on the Costa del Sol, sings better than Van Morrison even though his grandchildren compare him to last year’s Wagner.
We say: In this category, Terry is definitely one of the standouts.

Goldie Cheung – N/A

Who is she? The Chinese lady with a penchant for hiking her skirt up while she crawls around the stage.
We say: Sadly, since filming wrapped, Goldie resigned from the live shows after fearing they might be taking the mick out of her!

Carolynne Poole – 50/1

Who is she? You might recognise her from defunct BBC show Fame Academy. Back then she was Carolynne Good and even got to duet with Daniel Bedingfield.
We say: She still is pretty Carolynne Good. She definitely deserves another chance, but could be a bit too ordinary for The X Factor.

Johnny Robinson – 66/1

Who is he? Johnny from Harrow might not have the best voice but wants to be as big as Lady Gaga. Currently, he is more reminiscent of a nasal Alvin and The Chipmunks.
We say: Johnny is too adorable to go back to Harrow just yet.

Joseph Gilligan – 100/1


Who is he? Wrestler type who is old enough to know better than to wear baseball caps.
We say: Take off the silly hat and we might reconsider.