Rough Cuts: Play “Where’s Cheryl?” in The X Factor USA

It's the game everyone's talking about - but can you find Ms Cole?


Bored? Listless? Looking for something to do before you log off and go home? Then come on in and join Rough Cuts for a couple of rounds of Where’s Cheryl?…


You see, the makers of the US X Factor have recently unveiled an “extended preview” video of suitably mouthwatering footage from the new show to get viewers in a lather, some of which features fleeting glimpses of the spurned Nation’s Sweetheart.

How fleeting? Let’s just say that this new video makes her recent one-line cameo in What to Expect When You’re Expecting look like a three-hour monologue by comparison.

And so Rough Cuts thought it might be fun to mint a new pastime, one that’s a bit like trying to spot Where’s Wally on the Bayeux Tapestry with the cloth being pulled from left to right in front of your eyes.

Hidden in this video are four think-about-blinking-and-you’ll-miss-’em appearances of the erstwhile Ms Tweedy resplendent in all her big-haired US X Factor finery, and it’s up to you to find them!

Give the video below a watch, and make a note of the times you see Chezza pop up on screen.  When you’re done, check them against Rough Cuts’ extensively researched (and probably incorrect) results photos below.

Happy Geordie hunting…

Did you see her? If not, see below, with a handy identifier added to the grabs to help you spot the elusive singer…

2 minutes, 42 seconds:

4 minutes, 16 seconds:

6 minutes, 27 seconds:


6 minutes, 59 seconds: