Leigh Whannell (2018)

15 Certificate
Mon 15 Mar 9pm - 11pm Film4


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The second directorial feature of Saw co-creator Leigh Whannell (after Insidious: Chapter 3) is a zippily inventive reconfiguration of 1980s pulp science-fiction that's heavily influenced by RoboCop and such David Cronenberg body-horror shows as eXistenZ. In the near future, old-school mechanic Logan Marshall-Green (Prometheus) is made quadriplegic by body-modified thugs who kill his wife. Offered a prototype implant to undo his paralysis, he's implanted with the STEM chip (which is like a Siri on steroids), turning him into a hyper-kinetic action man. Slightly scrappy around the edges, this crafty retread of rousing Terminator-style action and amusing AI paranoia pushes all the relevant buttons on the speculative social commentary front while never skimping on the bone-crunching gore. From the robotically spoken opening credits to the upsetting denouement, Whannell's back-to-basics thriller fires on all cyberpunk cylinders to consistently hit the relevant dystopian targets.


Technophobe Grey Trace is left confined to a wheelchair after being mugged. His only hope for revenge is Stem, an experimental computer chip implant that allows him to control his body. However, once implanted, Stem starts talking to Trace and takes over his body. Sci-fi thriller from Saw veteran Leigh Whannell, starring Logan Marshall-Green and Melanie Vallejo.

Cast & Crew

Grey Trace Logan Marshall-Green
Detective Jane Cortez Betty Gabriel
Eron Keen Harrison Gilbertson
STEM Simon Maiden
Fisk Wiry Man Benedict Hardie
Asha Trace Melanie Vallejo
Serk Richard Cawthorne
Tolan Christopher Kirby
Pamela Linda Cropper
Director Leigh Whannell
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: UniversalGuidance: violence, swearing. Released on: 31 Aug 2018