The hit game Hogwarts Legacy may have been around for a while, but for PS4 and Xbox One owners the adventure is about to begin. Releasing on those two consoles soon, there is a lot to be excited about as we step into the magical castle of our childhoods.


While you've probably heard by now that Quidditch isn't a part of Hogwarts Legacy, fear not. You're still able to hop on a broomstick and fly around Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and the vast area surrounding the castle. Sure, you can fast travel using the Floo Network, but it's not quite as satisfying as whizzing past the towers and cliffs atop a broom.

If you fancy doing a bit of revision before you play, we'll share all there is to know about Hogwarts Legacy brooms below, from how to get them, where to get them and how to upgrade!

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How to get a broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you can use your broom, first you'll need to learn to fly. After completing the main quest called Flying Class, you'll unlock the ability to use a broom.

But then you'll need to buy one. You can get a broom from Mr Weekes' shop in Hogsmeade (look for the Golden Snitch on the Hogsmeade map), and there are a few other vendors that sell them too.

What are the broom differences in Hogwarts Legacy?

While it would be cool if different brooms had different stats, this simply isn't the case in Hogwarts Legacy.

The difference between the brooms is purely cosmetic. All you really need to do is pick the one you like the look of, put down your hard-earned cash, and away you go!

How to upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

To upgrade your broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you must compete in a series of time trials against Slytherin student Imelda Reyes. In these side quests, make sure you fly through the bubbles as you complete the race - they refill your boost meter and will definitely help!

Once you've won each of these trials, return to Mr Weekes' shop and he'll start working on the next upgrade! They do cost galleons, mind, so you might need to come back once you've earned more money.

Full list of Hogwarts Legacy brooms and how to get them

As for the brooms themselves - we'll provide a complete list below, including where to get them and how much they are!

  • Aeromancer - bought from from Rohan Prakash - 3,000 gold galleons
  • Bright Spark - earned in the balloons challenge - burst 32 sets of balloons
  • Ember Dash - bought at Spintwitches Sporting Needs - 600 gold galleons
  • Family Antique - bought from Pryia Treadwell - 2,500 gold galleons
  • Hogwarts House - bought at Spintwitches Sporting Needs - 600 gold galleons
  • Lickety Swift - balloons challenge - burst 7 sets of balloons
  • Moon Trimmer - bought at Spintwitches Sporting Needs - 600 gold galleons
  • Night Dancer - balloons challenge - burst 2 sets of balloons
  • Silver Arrow - bought from Arn - 5,000 gold galleons
  • Sky Scythe - bought from Leopold Babcocke - 5,000 gold galleons
  • Wild Fire - balloons challenge - burst 17 sets of balloons
  • Wind Wisp - bought at Spintwitches Sporting Needs - 600 gold galleons
  • Yew Weaver - bought at Spintwitches Sporting Needs - 600 gold galleons

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