Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're preparing for seasonal parties — or even some trick or treating — then one of these Squid Game outfits could make for an ideal costume.


The Netflix hit took over the world when it premiered in September last year, becoming the streamer's biggest series ever after just a few weeks thanks to all the intriguing Squid Game theories and the violent, nail-biting Squid Game rounds featured throughout the show.

Lee Jung-jae leads the Squid Game cast as Song Gi-hun, a man in a lot of debt who's invited to compete in a mysterious tournament for the chance to win a vast amount of prize money in Squid Game. The catch? If you lose the game, you lose your life.

We're all still waiting with baited breath for season 2, but in the mean time, why not start searching for Squid Game Halloween costumes?

Whether you fancy going it alone or you're dying to create an iconic group costume this spooky season, read on for everything you need to know about all the Squid Game merchandise available to buy at the moment.

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Best Squid Game costumes, tracksuits, masks and accessories at a glance:

Best Squid Game costumes, tracksuits and masks to buy for Halloween 2023

Squid Game guard costume

squid game guard costume halloween 2022

Make sure your Squid Game Halloween costume in on point with this full ensemble, which includes the iconic masks, pink jumpsuit, belt and black gloves. This is the perfect set for those who'd rather watch than play.

Buy the Squid Game guard costume from £35.97 at Amazon

Numbered tracksuit set

squid game tracksuit halloween costume 2022

In just a few weeks, the numbered teal tracksuits that the contestants wear earned their place among the most iconic clothing on TV, and this set offers a pretty authentic look - including a tracksuit top, bottoms and numbered T-shirt.

The set is available in the numbers of many of the show's biggest characters, including 067, 001, 456 and 218.

Buy the numbered tracksuit set for £24.99 at Amazon

Game masks

Photo: Amazon.co.uk

Looking for a square, triangle, circle, or Front Man mask for your Squid Game outfit? If you've already got a pink jumpsuit, then look no further than Amazon (again), where all the masks are available to complete your look.

Buy game masks from £6.52 at Amazon

The Front Man cloak

squid game cloak halloween costume

Just purchased the Front Man mask? Complete the look with this hooded black coat. It could also be perfect for a Grim Reaper or Ghostface costume next Halloween...

Buy the Front Man cloak for £17.91 at Amazon

Red Light, Green Light doll outfit

red light green light doll squid game costume

If you don't want to go down the tracksuit or boiler suit and mask look, but you'd still like to go as something Squid Game-related for Halloween, then why not dress up as the Red Light, Green Light doll? It's sure to be a killer outfit, and super spooky too.

Buy the Red Light, Green Light doll outfit from £30.59 at Amazon

Squid Game guard plush toy

squid game toy

Squid Game, but make it cute. If you want a cuddlier version of the Squid Game guards, then you're in luck – you can buy a pink plush toy on Amazon now.

Buy a Squid Game guard plush toy for £20 at Amazon

Squid Game hoodie

squid game hoodie best merch

You can show your love for the Netflix hit with this Squid Game hoodie, perfect for keeping comfy on Halloween. It comes in four colours: red, white, black, and grey, and in a few different designs.

Buy the Squid Game hoodie for £24.60 at Amazon

Squid Game marble set

Squid game marble game set

If you're looking for another Squid Game challenge to make you the most popular (or unpopular) at the Halloween party, then cast your mind back to the marble game.

This set comes with a bag of marbles and instructions for three games: one of sacrifice, one of betrayal and one of friendship. Choose wisely.

Buy Squid Game marble set for £15.48 at Etsy

Squid Game costume baby mask

squid game costume baby mask
Etsy Etsy

Take your Red Light, Green Light costume one step further with this eerie baby mask. Designed to look like the terrifying doll in the show, the mask will help you cause a real fright on Halloween night.

Buy Squid Game costume baby mask for £7.99 at Etsy

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