If you like us (and many others) you have been watching a show about contestants in a brutal gameshow where losing means death - and it may have made you hungry in the process.


Squid Game has become quite the phenomenon with the South Korean show remaining high on the Netflix trending list and showing no signs of disappearing from it any time soon. As mentioned, Squid Game pits contestants against the challenge of a game show inspired by children’s games. Only in a difference from all good children's games, the contestants have a very real chance of winding up dead if the game does not go their way.

Something that features quite prominently on the show is Dalgona candy and like almost every bit of food we see on TV, it didn't take us long to want to try it for ourselves. It's tricky, and it could take a few attempts to master it - but you should be able to make your own candy treats if you follow the instructions below!

dalgona candy squid game
  • Put a tablespoon of sugar in a pan
  • Put the pan over a medium heat
  • Stir and wait until all the sugar has melted and then take it away from the heat
  • Add a dash of baking soda to the melted sugar
  • Stir well until it begins to expand
  • Pour it all onto baking paper
  • Wait about 30 seconds or so for it to cool and then use your cookie cutter to add whatever decoration you like.
  • Now eat it, play the Squid Game Tik Tok challenge, or make more!

We'll just be snacking on these on the regular now while we wait for any news on the potential Squid Game season two - and we'll be dreaming of what delicious treats that will give us to replace these!

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