South Korean drama Squid Game landed on Netflix over a month ago and yet it's still dominating conversation across the globe, with viewers captivated by the intense, Battle Royale-inspired series.


Now officially Netflix's biggest show ever, Squid Game follows a group of debt-ridden people who are invited to take part in a mysterious tournament for the chance to win big money – but if they lose, they also lose their lives.

With searches for Squid Game costumes on the rise ahead of Halloween and people looking up recipes for the Dalgona cookies, everyone is getting in the Squid Game spirit – but how much exactly would you win if the Squid Game took place in the UK? Or even in the US?

Read on for everything you need to know about the Squid Game prize money and what the equivalent is in British pounds and American dollars.

What is the prize money in Squid Game?

Those competing in Squid Game are given the chance to win ₩45.6 billion if they successfully get through all six stages of the competition.

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The first game in the tournament is Red Light Green Light, followed by a game which involves cutting a shape out of honeycomb without breaking it. Game three is a tug of war, while the fourth round lets the pairs play a game of their choice with marbles. For the fifth game, the contestants have to choose a number between one and 16 before crossing a bridge in that order, while the sixth and final round is the titular Squid Game.

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How much is 45.6 billion Won in pounds?

The Squid Game prize money of 45.6 billion Won translates to £28.2 million – which is a pretty hefty sum of money.

With that amount of money, you could buy a private jet (which start around £2 million), a Mercedes-Benz W196 (£24m), 280 bottles of Remy Martin Black Pearl Louis XIII Cognac (£100,000) or one of the most expensive properties in the UK – a huge house in St John's Wood, London (£27.5m).

How much is 45.6 billion Won in US dollars?

As for how much the Squid Game prize pot is in US dollars, the contestants win the equivalent of $38.6 million.

With all that cash, you could buy Pontormo's Portrait of a Halberdier ($35.2m), 78 tickets to space on a Virgin Galactic flight ($450,000), a pair of Antonio Vietri Moon Star shoes ($19.9m), an Apache Helicopter ($31m) or two Formula 1 cars ($15m).


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