Kim Fox was jailed for contempt of court in EastEnders on Monday (3rd July 2023).


The usually comedic character has faced a difficult time recently in the BBC One soap as she has suffered from intense anxiety and panic attacks following her car crash that left her boyfriend's son Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) fighting for his life.

As Kim readied herself for her court appearance, she was reassured by her partner Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) and sister Denise Fox (Diane Parish) that she would face a driving ban but not a custodial sentence.

A key part of Kim's defence was the support from Denzel, who delivered a strong statement that made clear how much she was needed at home and how the crash was uncharacteristic for her.

However, events fell apart for Kim after the prosecution unexpectedly produced CCTV footage of the crash - and this prompted Kim to have a panic attack and attempt to flee the courtroom as she struggled to breathe.

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The court officer seized Kim and the judge ordered her to calm down before telling her she was in contempt of court.

Denise and Howie pleaded with Kim's lawyer to say something and he noted her illness to the judge, but as they were awaiting confirmed medical evidence, the judge ordered Kim to be taken down and held in custody until said evidence of her condition could be provided.

Diane Parish as an anguished Densie Fox in EastEnders.
Diane Parish as an anguished Denise Fox in EastEnders. BBC

Denise looked distressed as her sister was removed from the courtroom.

When will Denise see her sister Kim again, and how long will she be in prison for?

How long will Kim Fox be in prison for in EastEnders?

Kim Fox is set to be released from prison in EastEnders next week.

As this week continues, Denise and Howie fear for Kim's health as she remains jailed and they wait for the medical report.

Thankfully, Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) returns and supports the family amid this latest struggle, including on Thursday as Howie is forced to celebrate his own birthday without Kim by his side.

Rudolph Walker as Patrick Trueman and Delroy Atkinson as Howie Danes in EastEnders, with the former smiling
Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker) is back this week and supports his family. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

However, the BBC has confirmed that Kim will be released from custody and return home on Monday 10th July 2023, but her return to work the following day does not go to plan.

It remains to see what the results of the trial looking into the crash will be for Kim, too.

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