All eyes are on EastEnders and how Cindy (Michelle Collins) and Ian's (Adam Woodyatt) return will play out in Walford.


Last night (23rd June 2023), viewers caught up with the couple, who were living in France while Cindy hid in witness protection under the fake identity of Rose Knight.

While we don't know exactly when Cindy and Ian will return to EastEnders, we do know there will be drama when they do arrive in Walford - not least from awkward reunions with George Knight (Colin Salmon), Gina (Francesca Henry), Anna (Molly Rainford) and Kathy (Gillian Taylforth).

Speaking about what's coming in the future, Executive Producer, Chris Clenshaw, told press including that there's insecurity and aggression surrounding the whole tale.

Chris said: “In that episode, we discovered that Ian and Cindy are living a secret life in France with Peter. Then Mary, Cindy's handler, delivers the news that her witness protection is over and Ian is very keen to go back to Walford, as he's obviously missing home.

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"He raises this with Cindy - she's obviously not too keen on that because she hasn't really got anything to go back there for. When he has this heart attack, Cindy thinks maybe that is the best thing for him."

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He added: “But in the meantime, he's discovered that her family - George and her daughters - are living in Walford miraculously and he decides ‘Hang on a minute, I think that's the last place we want to go back to,’ which obviously shows Ian's insecurities, especially towards towards George.”

EastEnders,22-06-2023,6720,Cindy Beale (MICHELLE COLLINS);Ian Beale (ADAM WOODYATT),***EMBARGOED TILL 8PM THURSDAY 22ND JULY 2023***, BBC, Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

As for what's going on in Walford now the truth about Rose's identity is out, Chris promised drama from Gina and Anna.

Chris teased: “Basically, life carries on in Walford. So George now has this knowledge that his wife of 15 years, who walked out nine years ago, isn't who she said she was. That obviously turns his world upside down and very quickly... the girls, Gina and Anna, discovered this too, and they have very different reactions... I think Gina is a chip off her mother's block.

"She takes after her mother; she's very impulsive, and her and Anna have quite different reactions. What does this mean? One of the girls begins a journey to reach out and to find out. But will they become successful?”

How will the Knights cope when they find out who Rose really is and how she's living with Ian?

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