Although only a few of the Casa Amor crowd got coupled up with to stay in the main villa, it's been a swift exit for one.


After coming back into the villa with Tanya Manhenga, it hasn't been plain sailing for Martin Akinola, who entered the villa with Tanya and got into a fiery argument with her after calling her a "liar".

The dramatic recent recoupling in last night's episode saw new bombshells Rosie Seabrook and Keanan Brand make the first picks, but Tanya was left to pick between Shaq Muhammad and Martin, who she previously had a great time with in Casa Amor.

So, who left Love Island last night? And have the new bombshells shaken up the strongest of couples? These are the big questions, of course, especially if you didn't manage to tune in for yourself.

Read on for everything you need to know about this year's dumped islanders from the Love Island 2023 cast.

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Who left Love Island last night? All the dumped season 9 contestants

Martin Akinola - DUMPED in episode 40

Love Island 2023
Love Island: Martin says goodbye to the islanders. ITV

Last night's episode provided even more dramatic fallout from the week's Movie Night, which saw the islanders faced with the reality of their Casa Amor antics.

But one islander who was unaffected by it all was Martin, who had reached "mutual ground" with Tanya and called things off between them. The pair had not only had multiple awkward conversations throughout the week, but were also left arguing across the villa after Martin called Tanya a "liar".

So, it was obvious that Tanya wasn't going to recouple with Martin. Choosing Shaq instead and with Martin as the only single islander left, he exited the villa, stating that he has nothing to hold against Tanya and forgives her.

Sammy James, Lynda Flix, Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo, Lydia Karakyriakou, Layla Al-Momani, Ryan Weekley, Frankie Davey, Kain Reed and Bayley Mummery - DUMPED in episode 33

Last night's episode saw the great Casa Amor experiment come to an end for another season, with a whopping nine islanders sent packing as the invasion of new faces reached its bitter conclusion.

From the girls side of the competition, we saw Sammy James, Lynda Flix, Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo, Lydia Karakyriakou and Layla Al-Momani sent home.

And from the boys side, it was Ryan Weekley, Frankie Davey, Kain Reed and Bayley Mummery who said goodbye to the villa and their chances of winning.

If you're struggling to remember who any of those people are, we've included all their official photos in the gallery above.

Ellie Spence and Jordan Odofin - DUMPED in episode 26

Ellie and Jordan
Ellie and Jordan ©ITV Plc

Ellie Spencer and Jordan Odofin were the latest islanders to be dumped from the villa in last night's show (Friday 10th February) after a surprise public vote.

Viewers were given the chance to vote for their favourite couple on Thursday night and while Tom Clare, Samie Elishi, Olivia Hawkins and Kai Fagan were also up for elimination, it was Ellie and Jordan who received the fewest votes as a couple.

Speaking about their Love Island experiences, Ellie said she thought she was "just about to find" her husband, so was "sad to be leaving".

"But it was an amazing experience," she added, while Jordan said: "Similar to Ellie, I was trying to find a wife but you know, I enjoyed my time in the villa. All good things must come to an end, so I'm excited to see what's out there for me."

Tanyel Revan - DUMPED in episode 25

Love Island's Tanyel Revan
Love Island's Tanyel Revan. ITV

Tanyel Revan was dumped from the island in episode 25 following a recoupling.

Jordan Odofin was the last person to pick and decided to couple up with Ellie Spence, who he currently has a "platonic" relationship with. But a future with her isn't out of the question.

Speaking about her Love Island experience, Tanyel said: "I’m so glad I did it. I have no regrets. It’s made me realise how direct and honest I am. If I’ve got an issue, I’ll just say it straight."

Spencer Wilks and Aaron Waters - DUMPED in episode 21

Spencer Wilks and Aaron Waters
Spencer Wilks and Aaron Waters

After the girls deliberated, it was decided that Spencer Wilks and Aaron Waters would be going home.

While Spencer had just started getting to know Tanyel Revan, it was felt by the group that Kai Fagan had a stronger connection with Olivia Hawkins, so needed to stay in the villa to explore this.

"It’s a shame, me and Tanyel had just started to get to know each other. I’m sad to leave everyone but I made some good friends and met some amazing people but I didn’t find love," Spencer said following his exit.

While Spencer made a recent connection, the same couldn't be said for Aaron.

So, was he sad to go?

"It’s bittersweet, I didn’t have any sparks in there with anyone so I was kind of ready for it but at the same time, I still had high hopes and a positive attitude," he said.

"I don’t regret anything, I think I was myself the whole way through. When one door closes another one opens. I’m excited."

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown - DUMPED in episode 17

Love Island's Zara
Love Island's Zara. ITV

Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown left the villa in episode 17 after a recoupling, which saw Tom picking Ellie instead of her.

Zara and Tom had been in a couple, but they called things off after a game in which Tom revealed his ideal woman would have Olivia Hawkins's face, and Zara's body - a comment Z didn't take kindly to.

The pair seemed like they were amicable – that is, until Tom kissed Ellie on the terrace after telling Liv he wanted to explore things with her. After finding this out, Zara broke the news to Olivia and also went off on Tom for kissing a girl the same day after ending things with her.

Upon her exit, Zara opened up about her and Tom's split, saying: "I genuinely think me and Tom calling it a day was the best thing that we could have done because we weren’t ever actually on the same page. Like a flame, we burned quick, and it was just more physical attraction. The fact we weren’t each other's types intrigued us to try and make a go of it, but ultimately it didn’t work out."

Anna-May Robey and Haris Namani - DUMPED in episode 10

Anna-May and Haris leave the villa
Anna-May and Haris leave the Love Island villa. ITV

Anna-May Robey and Haris Namani were dumped from the island in episode 10.

Speaking of her exit, Anna-May said: "I had such an incredible time, I’ve made really good memories and friends that will last a lifetime. It’s definitely something I would do again, I have no regrets because I’ve had the best 10 days of my life!

"It's an experience that not many people get so you can’t take that for granted; I’m really grateful."

Following the dumping, Love Island’s Haris responded to an unearthed video of him involved in a fist fight, saying "it's not a reflection" of his character.

"I’m devastated that this video has been seen," he explained. "I’m not someone that goes looking for fights and I didn’t want to be in that situation. This was a heat of the moment thing."

David Salako - DUMPED in episode 5

David Salako ITV
Love Island contestant David Salako.

David, a money adviser from Essex, had promised to bring “nothing but good fun, vibes” to the villa, but unfortunately was dumped in the show’s first elimination before he really got the chance...

Talking after his exit, David admitted he thought that Tanya, who he'd been trying to impress, would have picked him over Shaq.

He said: "Me and Tanya did have a good bond. We just found it easy to have a conversation with each other. But maybe that’s all it was between us, just good conversation."

He also had advice for the remaining Islanders, adding: "I feel like people need to be a bit more confident with how they feel. People are scared of hurting other people’s feelings, which is obviously OK. No-one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. But you’ve just got to be a bit selfish in there."

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