After the debacles of Movie Night, last night's Love Island picked up as the islanders were trying to move forward from all the tension those dramatic clips created.


If you missed the episode, don't worry: this handy recap will fill you in on all the drama, antics and romance in episode 40.

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Olivia Hawkins and Maxwell Samuda are on shaky ground after Olivia saw the clip of him admitting that he wasn't 100 per cent closed off. But Olivia also admitted she felt betrayed by Ron Hall and Kai Fagan, the latter of which she was previously partnered up with before Casa Amor.

But while battle lines (although temporary) were drawn by some of the Love Island cast, their evening got a further shake-up once they received texts about two new bombshells. Casey O'Gorman received a text stating that he and Kai were to go on a first date with Rosie Seabrook, while Samie Elishi received a text stating that she and Jessie Wynter were to go on a first date with Keanan Brand.

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Once the new bombshells entered the villa, they were obviously quizzed by everyone as to who they had their eyes on, with Claudia Fogarty admitting to Jessie that she "sees this going one way", suggesting that Casey was going to want to get to know Rosie.

Love Island 2023
Casey speaks to Claudia about new bombshell Rosie in last night's episode of Love Island. ITV ITV

Elsewhere in the evening, one of the most argumentative couples in the villa, Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga, patched thing up after their Movie Night disagreements.

Shaq admitted to Tanya: “The way I feel about you isn’t like how I’ve felt about anyone else before. It’s too special to give up because the way I feel about you doesn’t come around very often in life or in general. I want to work through stuff with you.”

As the conversation continued, Shaq told Tanya: “If you’re willing to take responsibility for how you were last night, I’ll take responsibility for how I was last night.”

Tanya admitted that she shouldn't have shouted at Shaq the way she did and Shaq also apologised for how he spoke to her, with the pair then saying that things "just feel right" when they're together.

The next day day, the new bombshells started to get to know the other islanders but Claudia confided in Ron and Lana Jenkins about how she felt. She admitted it was hard to see Casey getting to know Rosie and broke down crying on the sun lounger.

Speaking in the garden, Rosie said to Casey: “I do feel like we have very similar personalities, we are going to get along well.”

Meanwhile, Casey told Rosie: “It would take a lot to turn my head but I find you really attractive. We will have to wait and see; I think time will tell.”

Love Island 2023
New bombshell Keanan couples up with Claudia. ITV ITV

Later that evening, much of the drama of episode 40 continued to revolve around Claudia and Casey, with Claudia admitting that she doesn't want to get to know anyone else and is shut off. "I don't want to be an option, I want to be someone's everything," Claudia said tearfully.

Casey did admit that he "can't fast forward his emotions" and was being honest with his feelings but Claudia went back into the villa, where the girls tried to calm her down. Just as the heightened emotions of the night started to dwindle, the islanders got a surprise text telling them was going to be a recoupling.

In a surprise turn of events, Keanan decided to couple up with Claudia and Rosie chose Casey. All of the existing couples chose each other again and Tanya chose to recouple with Shaq. The decision left Martin Akinola, who Tanya brought in from Casa Amor, single, meaning it was time for him to leave the villa.

While Movie Night may well and truly be forgotten for now, the sneak peek of Sunday night's episode continues the same emotional vein for Claudia, as she breaks down crying to the girls about Casey. Will the pair reconcile?

Love Island continues on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Previous seasons of Love Island are available on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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