Movie Night resumed on Love Island last night, with the Love Island 2023 cast tuning into more clips from their time on the show.


As they selected new clips, Samie Elishi learned what really happened between Tom Clare and Casa Amor 2023 bombshell Lydia, and Jessie Wynter saw Will Young's antics with Layla play out in 5k.

The islanders also got to see Olivia Hawkins in action as she badmouthed pretty much everyone and their relationships in the villa.

Didn't get to tune into Love Island last night? Well panic over! has got you covered with our video recap above.

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Episode 39 started with the show's Movie Night continuing. The first clip the islanders decided to play was Ronnie Darko, which showed Ron Hall advising the boys during Casa Amor, and talking about Olivia as he told Kai Fagan that he thought Olivia would recouple and that she'd been so hooked on Tom, but "couldn't get him". And the comment didn't go down well with Olivia, who called Ron a "fake friend".

Next up was Olivia, which showed her forgetting Kai's name in Casa Amor and accusing Samie, Jessie and Claudia of forgiving the boys too soon for what they did during Casa Amor.

Later, Air Force Tom made it on screen, as Tom kissed Lydia on the terrace and shared a bed with her.

“Are you joking? Are you having me on?” Samie asked as she watched the clip.

It was then time for Free Will-Y, which saw Will Young flirting with Layla before sharing a kiss. Towards the end of the clip, Will could be seen regretting his actions, but some movement while in bed got the girls heated as they accused Will of "doing bits" with Layla.

After some back and forth confrontation with the girls, Will confirmed that Layla tried to hug him in bed and he said she was being "naughty".

Will Young
Will Young. ITV

Another clip shown on the night was Shaq To The Future, which saw Shaq Muhammad talking to former islander Zara about getting to know her, and Tanya Manhenga wasn't impressed, as she accused him of flirting right after she brought him his morning tea.

Following the movie night, the girls and boys split up to debrief. As Samie bawled her eyes out about the clip of Tom, Olivia brought up Ron's video.

Tom decided to pull Samie for a chat and he asked her if they were done. She wasn't sure and walked off crying.

Elsewhere, Martin Akinola chatted to Kai and Sanam Harrinanan about Tanya, calling her a liar. In the kitchen, Shaq broke down about Tanya's behaviour before going out to the front of the villa. Seeing his friend crying, Tom went over to console Shaq.

Shaq on Love Island
Shaq on Love Island ITV

After talking to Lana Jenkins, Ron decided to apologise to Olivia but she wasn't having any of it. Later she talked to Maxwell Samuda about a clip which saw him telling the boys that he wasn't 100 per cent closed off, but wouldn't try hard to get to know other girls. While Maxwell maintained that he'd never lied to her, Olivia felt she'd let him off too lightly.

The next day, Tom and Samie sat down for another chat and it looked like things were in a better place. The same couldn't be said for Will and Jessie, as he questioned whether she was over it and willing to move forward. And when Shaq pulled Tanya for a chat, she got defensive when he asked her to look into his eyes and admit if she loved him.

And with so much trouble in paradise, there's only one way to make things more chaotic – with new bombshells Rosie Seabrook and Keanan Brand on the way!

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