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What happened on Love Island episode 10 last night? Full recap

The latest bombshells began grafting after their arrival in last night's episode.

Love Island
Published: Thursday, 16th June 2022 at 2:14 pm
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Another weeknight means another episode of Love Island and with the contestants now in Week 2 of the competition, the villa is really starting to heat up.


While it seemed Tuesday night couldn't be beat, with Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page heading to the hideaway and two new bombshells entering the villa, yesterday's episode took the spiciness to a whole new level.

The two new islanders – Remi Lambert and Jay Younger – got to pick three girls to go on a lunch date with as the rest of the boys watched from the balcony, and while there were some couples in the villa that seemed very stable, the boys' arrival has certainly turned a few heads.

Read on for everything you need to know about last night's episode.

What happened in Love Island episode 10 last night?

Last night's episode opened with new boys Jay and Remi chatting to the girls and they don't waste any time in getting their digs in. When chatting to Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu about her relationship with Davide Sanclimenti, Remi asked: "Why – is he all muscles and no chat?"

When the boys joined them, Jay asked Jacques O'Neill what he does for a living and when he said he's a rugby player, Jay replied: "You're a bit small for a rugby player." Meow!

Remi then showed off his rapping skills, much to the amusement of Luca and Jacques before the ladies headed off to discuss their thoughts on the new bombshells, with Ekin-Su saying she's ready to get to know them.

Shortly afterwards, Jay grabbed Tasha for a chat and while the model said that she was just in the hideaway with Andrew, she was not "completely wifed down" and was "definitely" open to getting to know the new bombshells.

Meanwhile, Remy asked Indiyah if she had kissed anyone yet in the villa and she said that it's early days with her and Ikenna. When he asked her type, she said: "Well, you're a good-looking boy."

Ekin-Su went for a chat with Jay, telling him: "Right at this minute, I've been trying to get something out of [Davide] and it's very hard for him because he's so used to women approaching him and I'm looking for personality now." He told her that he thinks she can do better.

Later on in the evening, Gemma Owen and Jacques had a chat on the sofa about their dating history since breaking up, which annoyed Luca Bish slightly.

As the islanders went to bed, Luca asked Davide if he was bothered by Ekin-Su getting to know the other boys and whether he'd be taking her a coffee when they wake up, to which he said: "I'll see how I feel in the morning."

Meanwhile, Remi and Jay discussed dating strategy, with Remi saying that he didn't think Ikenna and Indiyah have sexual chemistry. "Her vibe is usually what I'm after," he said about Indiyah. Jay added that he thinks Tasha wants them to "properly graft her" and that she wanted out of her couple with Andrew.

The new bombshells then received a text, which told them they could pick three girls to go on a date with and that each one would be cooking a starter, dinner or dessert.

Ekin Su and Jay sharing a strand of spaghetti.
Ekin Su and Jay sharing a strand of spaghetti. ITV

Jay picked Amber Beckford, Ekin-Su and Tasha, while Remi chose Indiyah Polack, Paige Thorne and Ekin-Su, leaving Gemma to be the only girl who didn't need to cook a meal.

While the dates seemed to go well, Ekin-Su and Jay really hit it off, with the duo even sharing a single strand of spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp-style. However, Ekin-Su pulled away before the two kissed, while Davide watched on from the balcony. When the boys asked Davide if he was OK, he said: "I saw enough."

While Jay and Tasha were on their dessert date, Jay asked her to tell him if he was wasting his time getting to know her and she said: "You're not wasting your time." Could this be the end of Tasha and Andrew's relationship?

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su was on her date with Remi and they began feeding each other strawberries while Ekin-Su checked whether Davide was watching. "When I'm with you, I feel this calming energy," she told Remi.

When Remi and Jay debriefed after the dates, Jay told him that Tasha surprised him in a positive way. "Her relationship with Andrew is not solid," he said, adding: "Game on."


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