The Islanders all had a blast from the past on last night's episode, as every single former All Stars Islander entered the villa to give some home truths.


Those who had been dumped from the villa were all asked to vote for the couple they wanted to dump, and it was curtains up for one couple.

Of course, this meant the finalists of Love Island: All Stars were revealed, but who? Missed last night's episode? Don't fret, we've got you covered.

Read on for a recap of everything that happened on Love Island: All Stars episode 35 and the previous episodes.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 35 recap

Sunday night's Love Island: All Stars episode saw the return of this series' former contestants, who were all given a very important task.

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That's right, from Jake Cornish and Kaz Kamwi to Demi Jones and Mitchel Taylor, everyone was back!

The current Islanders were all asked to gather around the fire pit before it was revealed that each ex-Islander had to vote for the couple they wanted to dump from the Island.

Mitch was back causing a mess when he called Georgia H and Anton "game-players" before voting for them. Chris, Kaz, Tyler and Casey also voted for them.

The remaining Love Islanders all in their swimming costumes as they are stood around the fire pit.
The remaining Love Islanders. ITV

However, it was Arabella and Adam who received the most votes and were, therefore, dumped from the island.

Elsewhere, Georgia S and Toby received votes from Jake and Molly, and Tom received a vote from Luis. Jess and Callum and Sophie and Josh received no votes.

With the final episode around the corner, this of course meant the finalists were revealed!

Georgia H and Anton, Georgia S and Toby, Molly and Tom, Jess and Callum and Sophie and Josh are your Love Island: All Stars finalists!

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 34 recap

After an emotional day, the girls were still on a high following their calls from home. Once the boys returned, the girls filled them in but Molly failed to mention the public's hopes of her and Callum rekindling.

Georgia H and Arabella discussed Molly and Callum in front of Tom, with Georgia H saying: "It was brought up in mine, it was brought up in Molly's and thext one with Jess and Demi…"

Tom said: "Obviously something's been seen then… it's not nice to hear… it's come from three different people…"

As Molly watched on from afar, she said: "God, I know what they're talking about… he looks fuming…"

Molly was less than impressed when she found out what Arabella had told Tom. Molly asked Arabella: "Why didn't you speak to me first?"

Defending her actions, Arabella said: "It's only going to be a big deal if you both make it a big deal."

Molly then replied: "Yeah, but I would have spoken about it. I don't appreciate someone speaking about it… I wish I would have been able to tell him."

Molly, Arabella and Georgia H all talking to one another around a white table
Molly, Arabella and Georgia H. ITV

After a day of awkwardness, Adam and Arabella were chosen to go into the Hideaway.

"I've definitely got feelings towards you that I haven't had towards anyone else in here and that excites me a lot," Arabella told Adam.

What does the future have in store for the couple?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 32 recap

After an episode of tense discussions, Josh and Georgia H sat around the fire pit to talk things through, during which Georgia H said: "You had a very negative opinion on me and my couple."

Josh replied: "That's my honest opinion and that's where I thought I was being a good friend, actually being honest to you."

"I just think personally if you were really my friend, a friend of ten years, you would just support me in any relationship I am pursuing and you would be happy for me," Georgia responded.

Things didn't end on the happiest of terms.

Elsewhere, the boys were away on their boys' day out, but it was the girls who were in for the real treat as they received surprise video calls from home.

Overjoyed, the girls spoke with their friends and family one-by-one. Georgia Steel caught up with season 4 best friend Dani Dyer, while Georgia H caught up with Olivia Attwood-Dack.

Molly was shocked to see her friend Sophie and her beloved dog, Nelly. Sophie Piper had a call from her sister Rochelle Humes, while Jess Gale spoke with friend Demi Sims. Arabella Chi spoke with her friend Charlotte.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 31 recap

Georgia Harrison, Georgia Steel, Molly Smith, and Jess Gale heading to the spa on Love Island: All Stars
Georgia Harrison, Georgia Steel, Molly Smith and Jess Gale. ITV

Following the game of Couple of Sorts, Toby opened up to Anton about a past experience with his ex, after implying he'd been cheated on before.

"Even when we broke up, people always said that I cheated... It wasn't even my choice to end the relationship, but I had to end it because it's cheating.

"When it's cheating, it's done. Bro, it hurts… it hurts to get cheated on. To be classed as a cheat... I should have just kept quiet in that moment," he said.

Reassuring Toby, Anton said: "There's nothing worse than being called something you're not, and not even something you're not but something you despise."

Toby added: "I can't lie to you. I'll tell you right now. With that girl, she was it... I was happy. Soulmate vibes. After that happened, bro, honestly the hardest time… hands down."

Later that day, Georgia H and Anton gathered the other Islanders to chat about their negative comments during the game.

However, things got a little bit heated, with Josh fuming: "Everybody’s had something to say. If you pull me around the firepit to try and out me like this… I am not gonna sit here and be made to look like a d**k…"

"What am I meant to do? Just walk around thinking that everyone thinks that we’re fake and ingenuine?" Georgia H then asked.

The next day, the girls headed to the spa, where they were able to unwind from the events from the day before. While the girls relaxed, the boys were tasked with preparing a date for their other half.

And love was certainly in the air this Valentine's Day, as Toby made things exclusive between him and Georgia S. Could these two be the real deal?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 30 recap

The results of the All Star heart rate challenge had some consequences last night after Tom's heart rate proved the highest for Georgia S, which left Molly questioning where she stood within their couple.

Confiding in Sophie about the results, Molly said: "I think there are reasons as to why it was Cal and I, and it was Tom and Georgia S… maybe he's not shutting it down like he needs to be? I do think I'm gonna speak to him…"

However, the pair did eventually patch things up after Tom reassured her where he stood.

Molly and Tom sat on a sofa laughing with one another.
Molly and Tom. ITV ITV

Later on in the episode, the Islanders played the Couple of Sorts game in which they had to guess correctly how the public voted in a variety of categories.

Some of the categories included: Who is the hottest couple? Who is the most argumentative couple? And which couple are only staying together to win? But things took a turn when Adam read out: "Who is the most game playing couple?"

Looking at Anton and Georgia H, Josh said: "Possibly could be you two? Every time somebody's come in for G, she's dropped you and then she's gone back to you…"

It was trouble in paradise as Georgia H then defended her couple, and told Josh she was "not having it" after hearing he had made "a few comments" about her couple behind her back.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 29 recap

After weeks of no challenges, viewers were delighted with the return of The Heart Rate Challenge, in which all the Islanders had to show the others their best moves to raise their heart rates.

Of course, all eyes were on Molly and Callum, and rightly so! As the results were read out, it was revealed that the former couple raised each other's heart rates the most, making things slightly awkward for their respective partners, Tom and Jess.

Tom Clare smiling while wearing a pair of novelty wings. He has dark stubble and a skin fade
Tom Clare. ITV

The only actual couple who raised each other's heart rates were Sophie and Joshua.

It seems the fallout of the challenge will continue in Tuesday night's episode, with Tom looking less than impressed with the results.

Elsewhere during the episode, Georgia Harrison made the decision not to participate in the challenge. The Islander walked out and blew red petals at the others and said: "Sorry guys, that's all I've got."

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 28 recap

Following Adam's shock arrival, Arabella's head was scrambled, but things were looking up as she headed to the terrace with the bombshell and the pair shared a kiss!

Will a serious romance be on the cards for the two bombshells as they get to know one another in the villa?

To boost morale in the villa, the Islanders were thrown a pre-loved pink party, and served some serious looks as they danced the night away. That is before a text sent shockwaves through the villa.

As viewers will know, the public had been voting for their favourite couple, and as Arabella and Adam were the newest couple, they were not included in the vote.

The islanders all gathered round the fire pit, dressed in pink.
The Islanders. ITV

"The couple with the fewest votes are at risk of being dumped from the Island tonight," Molly read out.

As they gathered round the fire pit, it was revealed that Eve Gale and Casey O'Gorman were dumped from the island, just days after entering the villa.

Following his exit, Casey said: "It's all good. I thought this time round I would find a partner but it is what it is. Maybe it's just not meant to be."

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 26 recap

In the aftermath of the four 'in-danger' couples left to be revealed, the remaining islanders voted on one boy and one girl to dump. However, clear divisions presented themselves, with Toby and the two Georgias fighting to keep Joanna and Chris together despite their recent bumpy road.

Despite this, the two Islanders revealed to have been dumped were Joanna and recent bombshell Joe. As the pair made their emotional exits, a fuming Chris was left in a couple with former flame and fellow singleton Arabella.

Many of the Islanders were left dismayed by Chris's reaction, with some of the boys branding him 'ungrateful', but Chris revealed he didn't understand the decision and felt Joanna deserved more time in there than him.

Joe and Joanna sit in white soft chairs in a lit villa garden for Love Island.
Joe and Joanna were dumped from the villa by their fellow Islanders and expressed their confusion to presenter Maya Jama. ITV

The decision also led to tension between Georgia H and Anton, as she felt like he was acting alone and not as a team, while Anton felt like she did not have his back and scapegoated him with their decisions.

Despite this, Georgia H and Anton made peace, but not until he also experienced tension with Georgia S over the decision.

Meanwhile, Molly and Tom were sent away from the villa and enjoyed a romantic date, solidifying their place as one of the villa's most stable couples.

Elsewhere, Casey expressed doubts about his pairing with Eve, while Callum made clear that he had found a good connection with Jess.

Chris Taylor looks at his phone and reveals the contents of a text in Love Island All Stars.
Chris discovered that he was ultimately dumped from the villa. ITV

Finally, as the night continued, the Islanders were in for a further shock when a new bombshell arrived in the form of Adam Maxted from the show's second season. The 31-year-old wrestler from Belfast walked in and quickly drew the attention of the ladies – especially Arabella.

Before Adam even had a chance to speak to the girls one-on-one, the entire group were texted to go to the firepit. A further text saw it revealed that Adam must immediately choose one girl to couple up with.

In a snap decision, Adam chose to couple up with Arabella, and Chris was then left single. A text then came through that revealed Chris had been dumped from the island.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 25 recap

As night fell on the villa, it was time for one couple to head to The Hideaway Retreat and, with no hesitation, all the Islanders voted for Georgia H and Anton.

While in the hideaway, Georgia opened up about her past following her and Anton making things exclusive.

"I feel like I've had a really tough time, ended up with men who think I am disposable and always make me feel vulnerable, don't make me feel safe and don't declare how special I am to them," she told him.

"You doing that tonight was something I've never experienced before."

Anton and Georgia H sitting in the hideaway having a conversation. They are drinking while food is on a table in front of them
Anton and Georgia H. ITV

Later on in the episode, the Islanders played a game, where Georgia S and Toby had to read out a series of questions for everyone to answer.

Just some of the questions included which couple has the least sexual chemistry, which couple is the least honest with their feelings and which couple is the most one-sided.

The game caused a stir, with the final question asking which couple was the least compatible. Soon, the Islanders realised they weren't playing a game as Maya Jama entered the villa.

Joanna and Chris, Eve and Casey, Jess and Callum and Arabella and Joe were all revealed to be vulnerable at the next dumping, and to make things worse, it was the remaining Islanders who had to choose one girl and one boy to send home.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 24 recap

Wes Nelson performing in the Love Island: All Stars villa with Craig David.
Wes Nelson and Craig David. ITV

Following the recoupling, Joanna chatted to Arabella Chi about her couple, admitting she was starting to get the ick from Chris Taylor due to his constant joking and playful behaviour.

The next morning, Anton decided to do something cute for Georgia Harrison and set up a little picnic for them on the terrace with the help of Joe and Callum.

Elsewhere, Joanna grabbed Callum for a chat and admitted that she wanted to get to know him. Watching from afar, Georgia Steel asked Chris if he knew what they were talking about.

Anton then received a text announcing that there'd be a VIP performance from none other than Craig David! Off the Islanders went to get ready, with Anton in particular very happy about Craig David's return.

They then went down to the garden where they enjoyed a live performance from the singer. But that's not all, as Craig then welcomed a special guest, season 4 star Wes Nelson, who performed his new single Abracadabra.

Things got a little awkward for Arabella, who previously dated Wes. Thankfully, Wes's return was only for the performance and it doesn't look like he'll be back for a longer stint.

Following the performance, there was a very special speech from Anton as he asked to make things exclusive with Georgia H. And she said "I do".

Later that evening, however, things went down hill for Joanna and Chris. After admitting to the girls that she was starting to get the ick, Joanna pulled Chris for a chat and revealed that she needed some space romantically.

Chris felt confused, as he thought things were going well with them, but after his recoupling speech, everything was changing. Jo said that the speech felt overly jokey and sarcastic and he felt that maybe they just might not be compatible.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 23 recap

As three blonde bombshells entered the villa, they did not hold back in getting to know their fellow Islanders with a cheeky game of dares.

Just some of the dares included kissing the most attractive Islanders and choosing the Islander most likely to cheat in a relationship. Awkward!

New bombshell Joe picked his dare, which read: "Snog the islander with the best chat", and he chose Molly!

Joe wasted no time in grafting with the girls in the villa, pulling chats with Molly and Arabella.

Joe Garratt on Love Island. He is wearing a white linen shirt and has light stubble and an earring
Joe Garratt. ITV

Elsewhere in the episode, it was time for a recoupling, which led to one unlucky Islander being dumped from the villa.

The results of the recoupling went as follows: Arabella and Joe, Eve and Casey, Georgia H and Anton, Georgia S and Toby, Jess and Callum, Joanna and Chris, Molly and Tom and Sophie and Josh.

This meant Kaz was left single and, therefore, dumped from Love Island. Her goodbye was nothing short of wholesome and even left Toby in tears.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 22 recap

Following on from Toby's shock decision to couple up with Georgia S and not Arabella Chi, the girls had a chat about it all.

Arabella said: "Obviously, there are still questions I am going through in my head with Toby and I. I’m still hurt, I'm not gonna lie… it hurts when you're obviously still saying to people you're confused, I don't think you are…I asked you if there are still feelings there and you said no… you can't reignite feelings that easily and quickly."

Georgia S then replied: "I never ever knew Toby had them feelings for me at the firepit…it's really difficult because I really like two people."

Arabella said: "And that's ok to like two people but you've got to literally sit down and work out what you want and who you see more with… I think you need to say to yourself tomorrow 'I need to make a decision'."

Arabella and Georgia having a discussion on Love Island: All Stars. They are both sat on opposite daybeds and Arabella is in a yellow dress while Georgia is in a black dress
Arabella and Georgia. ITV

After the events of The PDAs, Josh suggests to Joanna that they should head to the terrace as they discuss where things stand between the two.

Josh said: "If I'm open, I can get to know anybody in here. I think we're both in the same scenario really… are you a risk taker?"

Joanna replied: "Not really but maybe I should be like that."

Josh then said: "Opposites attract. Maybe you could start making me good? You could be my knight in shining armour…"

Given Josh is still getting to know Sophie, will the pair come clean about their conversation?

As the episode came to an end, former Islanders Jess and Eve Gale and Joe Garratt walked into the villa ready for a party.

Will anyone's heads turn?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 21 recap

Following his heated chat with Georgia S around the fire pit, Callum Jones told the other boys he felt "confused" by the recoupling, noting that Arabella was equally confused, too.

He said: "It's not the Georgia show. I'm confused, Arabella's confused, and stop thinking about yourself and Toby and put yourself in my shoes, because I know what I want… you clearly don’t know what you want."

As the confusion continued, it was time for an All Stars award ceremony with the PDAs. The movie night segment many fans know and love returned - with a twist.

Some of the categories included Best All Star Comedy Moment, Most Sneaky All Star, Best All Star Rizz, Most Salty All Star, Best All Star Revelation and the All Star Special Recognition Award.

Tom, Casey, Callum and Joshua all raising their glasses in the villa.
Tom, Casey, Callum and Joshua. ITV

"Why would I be nervous? I'm not nervous. I'm upfront, I'm honest and I always tell the truth," Georgia S told Casey O'Gorman.

Tensions rose when the Most Sneaky All Star clips aired and showed Georgia S and Tom Clare slipping away to the terrace while they were getting to know Callum and Molly Smith respectively.

After the clip was shown to the villa, Callum told Georgia S: "Snakey behaviour. I thought you was a loyal, babe?"

As the drama continued, Callum said: "Is this just a big game to you? Don't lead me down a path and then go back on your word. Just admit that you are a liar. It's black and white. No matter what you say. Do you honestly think that I would ever want to be a person like you?"

It seems the drama will continue during tonight's episode, as episode 21 ended with Molly and Arabella storming off.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 19 recap

Love Island: All Stars girls Georgia Harrison, Georgia Steel, Arabella Chi, Sophia Piper, and Joanna Chimonides walking together and holding hands.
Love Island: All Stars girls Georgia Harrison, Georgia Steel, Arabella Chi, Sophia Piper and Joanna Chimonides. ITV

Love Island resumed with the recoupling. Following Toby's decision to couple up with Georgia S, it meant that Callum and Arabella would be in a couple by default.

As Callum gave his speech, he commented on Toby's behaviour, criticising his lack of emotional maturity. The recoupling then ended with Arabella storming and shouting some choice words at Toby.

In the bedroom Arabella broke down in tears as she opened up to the girls about Toby's decision. Georgia S then came in crying, as she told Arabella that she didn't know he was going to pick her and didn't want the girls to think her and Toby had been having secret chats.

After talking to Kaz and Chris, Toby decided to pull Callum for a chat to explain why he chose Georgia S. Callum then told him that the person he needed to speak to was Arabella as she was the one who was crying. However, when Toby and Arabella chatted, it didn't go well as she accused him of playing games and leading her on. He apologised for the timing of things, saying that he could see more of a future with Georgia S outside of the show, but she wasn't interested in this.

Toby then chatted to Georgia S and revealed that he could see her being his girlfriend more than Arabella, and it looked like things were back on.

Elsewhere Josh told Sophie that he was tunnel vision for her, while Chris thanked Joanna for picking him. Although Jo felt like they got along well, she admitted that she still wanted to get to know Josh.

That night in bed, Arabella and Chris came to the agreement that Georgia S must have had some input in Toby's decision because she didn't shut it down.

The next day the girls headed for drinks and Arabella questioned Georgia S about the recoupling. She told her what Callum had said the night before in bed and Georgia S insisted she didn't know he was going to do that. Sophie also revealed that Josh was tunnel vision for her and Joanna agreed to back off.

Back in the villa, Callum and Georgia S chatted and things got heated as she pulled him up on his conversation with Arabella. Callum said that if it was him who was chosen by another girl, he would have said thank you but shut it down and this got G's back up, leading him to believe she was still interested in Toby. Could this be the end for these two?

Elsewhere, it looked like sparks could be flying (at last) for Georgia H and Anton, as she admitted that his speech made her fancy him more...

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 18 recap

Former flames Casey and Georgia H reunited after the latter blocked Casey on Instagram.

As the pair began talking about what went wrong, Casey said: "Obviously it didn't end great. I was blocked on Instagram for a bit."

Georgia replied: "Well, that was a couple of weeks after you started ghosting me, to be fair. You acted like you really cared about me during the time we did speak… you always said you really liked me."

As Casey admitted he did care for Georgia, he soon revealed that he chose to end things after she rang him from a spiritual retreat and claimed to have seen the ghost of his late relative.

The islanders all gathered round the fire-pit awaiting the results of the recoupling
The islanders gathered round the fire pit. ITV

Elsewhere in the villa, a recoupling rocked the Islanders as Casey and Joanna were both given the chance to pick first.

Joanna chose Chris Taylor and Casey chose Kaz Kamwi.

In a hugely surprising twist, Toby dumped Arabella Chi and chose to couple with with Georgia Steel, leaving Callum Jones hurt and confused by the decision.

As his decisions sent shockwaves throughout the villa, Toby said: "Fortune favours the brave, and in this situation you've got to be the bravest."

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 17 recap

Following last episode's cliffhanger, Molly and Tom had a decision to make. After consulting the Islanders, they made the decision to dump Hannah and Tyler from the villa, but the villa wasn't empty for long as two new bombshells made their way in.

Former islanders Casey O'Gorman and Joanna Chimonides both entered the villa as bombshells and it was a wholesome reunion for friends Casey and Tom, who formed a bromance after appearing on the most recent winter Love Island.

Tyler and Hannah walking away from the firepit after they dumped from the villa
Tyler and Hannah. ITV

After their exit, Liberty opened up about her connection to Mitch when speaking to Maya Jama.

She told the host: "You know what? We are half way through and couples are cementing together now and me and Mitch fell apart this week, so it was expected.

"Our romance came to an abrupt end. I feel like we bring a lot to the villa but as individuals and as it was a roller coaster we had fun together but in the end it crashed. I think it came down to communication and you just weren't getting the memo Mitch."

The following morning, Casey and Joanna caught up with one another, and Joanna asked: "Our first day, who have you got your eyes on?". To which Casey replied: "Quite a lot of them."

As the day unfolded, Joshua began getting to know Joanna, turning his head from recent bombshell Sophie. Will she find out the truth?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 16 recap

Georgia Steel and Molly Smith sat down talking at Vibe Beach club on Love Island: All Stars.
Georgia Steel and Molly Smith ITV

After what he'd learnt from Sophie the night before, Josh decided to chat to Chris and share his concerns. They both decided that it'd be best to tell Callum.

They then pulled Callum for a chat and revealed what Georgia S had said about him, prompting him to pull Georgia. Georgia admitted that she'd said she couldn't see herself sleeping with him yet but reassured him that she was still very much interested in him and was just trying to work out where her feelings were with Tom, given their history. She apologised and he forgave her.

By this time, news had travelled around the villa so Tom decided to pull Molly for a chat to let her know about his and G's conversation on the terrace. Molly felt that Tom should have told her from before that him and Georgia were having flirty chats because she thought it was just friendly and now she felt like a "mug".

Molly pulled her girls for a chat and aired her concerns about Georgia. Some of the girls advised her to speak to Georgia S, but she decided that she couldn't be bothered, saying: "She can have my ex and my next!"

Josh admitted to Sophie that he'd shared what she'd secretly told him, and she stormed off. She went to Georgia S to apologise and G said she wasn't angry with her.

Georgia S then headed inside the villa where most of the girls were huddled around Molly. She explained what had happened and admitted that she didn't see the need to speak to Molly beforehand.

Everyone headed off to bed, and the next day they enjoyed a day at Vibe Beach Club where things got very heated between Molly and Georgia S.

Molly accused G of not being a "girls' girl" and said that she didn't appreciate the disrespect. Georgia, on the other hand, felt that Molly had it in for her ever since she started getting to know Callum.

The convo ended with Molly storming off.

Also during this episode, Hannah broke things off with Tyler as she felt they were too different.

Back in the villa, Maya Jama revealed that the public had been voting for their favourite couple. While Molly and Tom had received the most votes, Liberty and Mitch were on the lower end of the scale, putting an end to their Love Island journey.

But, they weren't the only couple who'd be leaving, as Maya told the Islanders they'd now have to choose another couple to send home. Who will it be?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 15 recap

Hannah Elizabeth throwing a pie in Mitchel Taylor's face during an episode of Love Island: All Stars
Hannah Elizabeth and Mitchel Taylor. ITV

Love Island resumed with Mitch and Liberty deciding to call time on their coupling as they felt they'd argued too much in such a short space of time.

Mitch then decided to make his move on Georgia Harrison, saying: "Georgia, I want to get to know you and Liberty deserves to know that."

Georgia H said: “Since we’ve been in here, we’ve both been trying to get to know people but you can’t keep hitting the same nail on the head and expecting a different outcome multiple times. I do think me and you have a good shot at being compatible.”

Georgia H then pulled Georgia Steel for a chat for some advice on the Mitch situation.

She said: "It’s not going well G…I just feel like me and you are the biggest b***hes in the Villa.”

Georgia S suggested Georgia H puts herself first and reassured her that her intentions towards Mitch are perfectly acceptable while confiding in her about her moment on the terrace with Tom.

A stunned Georgia H said: "How did you get away with that one? You're a smooth criminal, you know that."

The next day, it was time for the Islanders to play a game of Snog, Marry, Pie and it didn't go well for Mitch who got pied on multiple occasions, as the girls took Liberty's side.

Tyler received a pie from Sophie, as she thought he was giving Kaz mixed signals, and it raised eyebrows for Hannah.

The game caused some tension for Georgia S after both her and Tom gave each other a ring.

That night in bed, Sophie told Josh that Georgia S had told her that she couldn't see herself sleeping with Callum. Will Josh be able to keep this a secret from the boys?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 14 recap

Following the game of Truth and Dare, Molly pulled Callum for a chat. She told him that he seemed proud of himself, but he insisted that he didn't mean to disrespect her and hoped they'd be able to have a friendship. Molly was not interested in being friends.

Over by the fire pit, Georgia S and Tom played a game of truths and things got very flirty as they both admitted that they fancied each other and wanted to kiss each other. Georgia then hinted that she didn't feel the same passion when with Callum.

Asked who she's more drawn to, Georgia S said: "I think my impulse would be you, because I think there’s a connection we share."

Georgia S then proceeded to whisper to Tom: "I fancy you the most."

The Hideaway then opened for the first time, with Georgia S and Callum getting the opportunity to spend the night alone.

After getting dressed up in some saucy lingerie, Georgia S and Callum headed off to the Hideaway, where she tried on some more lingerie and they kissed and cuddled.

Back in the main bedroom, the other islanders settled down for the night and things were getting hot under the sheets between Molly and Tom.

Love Island: All Stars Tyler Cruickshank and Hannah Elizabeth sharing a kiss while on a date in a beautiful garden location.
Tyler and Hannah. ITV

The next morning, Callum and Georgia S returned from the Hideaway and Georgia grabbed Tom for another chat – this time on the Hideaway. News got back to Callum and he wasn't happy, as he questioned their relationship and feared that Molly could get hurt.

Later that day, Hannah and Tyler went on their first date, during which they talked about the future and the possibility of Tyler moving to Liverpool to be with her.

Back in the villa, Kaz opened up to Toby about Tyler and Hannah's date. She thought that her and Tyler were naturally gravitating back to one another, but when he chose to couple up with Hannah the night before, it made her realise things were completely over. As she cried, Toby consoled her and reassured her that she was handling things right.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 12 recap

The fallout from Sophie's coupling with Josh (by the public vote) was a key focus of last night's episode, as Chris was left reeling that he no longer had the option of getting together with his "crush".

Awkwardness ensued between himself and present partner Arabella, who just yesterday had seen him holding hands with Sophie – an act she blasted as "disrespectful". Later, they had an argument and decided to go their separate ways.

Chris said: "Obviously, it's been a bit of a s*****r today hasn't it? My current couple, it's been a slightly turbulent day, to say the least. And we've literally just finished it, so slight predicament.

"Don't know what I think. I think, based on the situation that I've been faced with today, there's somebody in front of me here that I cannot move forward with."

In a move deemed surprising, Chris ultimately decided to couple with Kaz, with other pairings from the night being Tyler and Hannah, Callum and Georgia S, Toby and Arabella, Anton and Georgia H, and Mitch and Liberty.

However, the latter couple proved not long for this world, with Mitch saying the very next day that their relationship was not "salvageable" and Liberty agreeing to just "be friends".

The drama continued during a very Love Island version of Truth or Dare, in which Josh called Mitch the worst Islander, while the feud between Chris and Arabella deepened as he called her "disingenuous".

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 11 recap

As the bombshells mades themselves at home in the villa, Chris came clean to Arabella that he would like to get to know Sophie, but it didn't go down well.

Catching up with Arabella after his date with Sophie, Chris said: "Me and Sophie have met before and I'll be honest, I have had a crush on her for a bit. She ended the date saying she wants to keep chatting to me and I share the same sentiment."

Arabella admitted that she was hurt by the revelation and told Joshua: "It's not the nicest feeling…did he really need to tell me that?"

The next day, Chris pulled Sophie for a chat, and as the two held hands and walked past Arabella she said: "Oh my God, they are holding hands…is that real? Wow. That is so disrespectful."

It was trouble in paradise for the couple as they had a heated discussion later that evening.

Elsewhere in the episode, Liberty and Mitch continued to explore their connection when Liberty told Mitch that Anton has been talking behind his back.

Mitch decided to speak to Anton about what he heard and said: "You are talking to Lib behind my back going against me and it's not really bro code."

Anton replied: "There is no bro code. There is right and wrong…I'm telling her my opinion."

While Mitch told Anton to stay out of his "business", the latter wasn't having any of it and said: "If your girl comes crying to me asking for advice, I will give her my advice. You've been together seven days and made her cry twice. Look at yourself, don't look at me. Be a man, not a boy."

As the episode drew to a close, another recoupling was on the horizon.

The boys got to choose the girls they wanted to couple up with, but unbeknownst to them, the public had already voted for Sophie and Tom's.

The public vote revealed Sophie and Josh and Tom and Molly as the new couples, but what will this mean for the rest of the recouplings?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 10 recap

After making an impression on Tyler during It's Popping Off, Tyler invites her up to the terrace.

Tyler told Hannah: "I think we get on, on another level, which you might not have with the other guys."

Hannah replied: "I really like your chilled aura you bring to the villa. It's very nice among all this drama... I'd like to keep getting to know you babe, give me a cuddle."

The pair share a cheeky kiss, but it soon caused a stir in the villa.

Tyler and Hannah kissing on the terrace
Tyler and Hannah share a kiss. ITV

Elsewhere in the episode, bombshells Sophie and Tom entered the villa and it was revealed they could date some of the Islanders.

As they began soaking up the sun, Tom received a text that read: "Tonight, you will date three girls of your choice. One to prepare the starter, one to prepare the main course and one to prepare the dessert. Please now make your choices. #DishyDates #ChooseWisely."

Tom chose Arabella for the starter, Molly for the main course and Georgia S for the dessert.

Sophie then received a similar text and she chose Chris for the starter, Toby for the main course and Joshua for the dessert.

As the other Islanders looked on from the terrace, it seems the new arrivals have caused a bit of a stir.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 9 recap

Following Tyler's shock entrance in the villa, he and Kaz speak for the first time in two years.

The pair go for a chat and Kaz said: "Since we broke up, we never actually had a conversation properly... So, in my head, I had to put pieces together by myself."

Tyler replied: "But you know you could have reached out to me any time?"

While in the villa, the former couple attempted to get some kind of closure, and Kaz questioned Tyler and asked him: "I genuinely really want to know the answer to this, because I've been asking myself this for years and years. Why did you actually ask me to be your girlfriend?"

Kaz and Tyler having a conversation on a sofa in the villa
Kaz and Tyler. ITV

After this, arguments began to brew on last night's episode, when Georgia S confronted Toby on a conversation he had with Callum.

Georgia asked Toby: "You said I could have had her on the outside, so what's the point?"

While Toby said it was never meant "like that", Georgia got annoyed and said: "Callum told me it was like that."

Tensions then rose when Toby told Callum: "I don't get it. We chat in the dressing room and you said to Georgia I could have had you on the outside... I didn't say that though."

Callum responded: "You said I could have done it on the outside but I didn't… It doesn't matter how you said it, you still meant the same thing."

Shaking his head, Toby said: "That's way off it, bro… That you would relay that to a girl and make her think in a way just so you can get in there. That's a bit snakey, bro."

Toby and Georgia having a tense discussion at the villa kitchen
Toby and Georgia. ITV

Arabella and Chris had their first date as they grew closer as a couple. As they soaked in the sun, Chris opened up to Arabella, admitting that he is "deeply insecure", and so makes jokes to cover it up.

He explained he once "lost his funny side" in a past relationship, telling Arabella he felt as though he couldn't be himself.

In true Love Island fashion, the villa was then set for more drama, as it was revealed two new bombshells would be heading in to ruffle some feathers and spark some connections.

Tom Clare and Sophie Piper will enter the villa in tonight's (Wednesday 24th January) episode, but who do they have their eyes on?

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 8 recap

Love Island: All Stars contestants Kaz and Tyler looking at each other during the recoupling.
Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank. ITV

After learning that Mitch had told both Demi and Liberty that they were his "number 1", Kaz decided to pull Mitch for a chat to find out whether he'd convinced her to pick Luis to support her or so that he could be in a couple with Demi.

Also that evening, Josh Ritchie decided that he also wanted to get to know Molly Smith. He decided to go and tell Georgia Harrison, but she felt that they weren't compatible and called things off, opting to sleep outside on a day bed.

The next morning, Georgia chatted to Anton Danyluk, with the pair agreeing to give things another go and be more romantic.

During the day, Callum Jones and Georgia Steel continued to get to know one another and it was looking like a match as they chatted about their goals for the year.

That evening, Maya returned to the villa as it was time for Arabella to choose who she wanted to couple up with, leaving one girl single. However, there was a twist as Maya revealed that another bombshell would be joining the villa.

In walked season 7 star and Kaz's ex Tyler, and the look on Kaz's face said it all.

It was now time for Arabella to make her choice and she decided to couple up with Chris, leaving Demi single. Tyler then had a decision to make and he opted to couple up with Kaz, saying that despite there being a lot of "gorgeous women" in front of him, "she's the only person I want to couple up with".

Kaz didn't quite enjoy this speech, telling him that it wasn't much of a reason. The pair had a little bicker and he told her that they'd talk later.

With Demi and Luis now single, Maya revealed that their journey had come to an end and they'd be dumped from the island.

In an interview after their exit, Luis admitted that there might be something between them, with the duo agreeing to see how things go outside the villa.

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 7 recap

Awkwardness was in the air following the first recoupling of the series, especially after Luis and Mitch's argument, but all was well once the pair eventually made up.

The following day, Callum pulled Molly for a chat but their reunion still seems to be on the rocks. Callum told his ex-flame he feels as though he is putting in the effort but not it is not reciprocated from Molly.

"I feel like it's been left very much in limbo, we'll see won't we. I've said if a girl comes in I want you to crack on. That's what you need to be doing," Molly told Callum.

He replied: "The thing is, we are in a couple and we should be trying together equally as much... do you not want to try and make it work? It's just a bit confusing."

Callum and Molly having a tense discussion. They are both looking at one another
Callum and Molly. ITV

The arguments didn't stop for Mitch when Liberty found out that he had said Demi was his number one, despite telling her the same thing.

Liberty let Mitch know she wasn't going to stand for it anymore, and things proved more than messy Mitch once again.

The boys were in for a treat when a new bombshell entered the villa. Season five islander Arabella Chi hosted an afterparty for the boys at the Hideaway terrace and all her attention was on Toby.

She asked him: "Are you a little bit shocked to see me?" Toby replied: "You picked your time..."

Throughout the episode it became clear Toby and Arabella had some history, but will it be rekindled while in the villa?

Mitch and Liberty having a conversation in the villa kitchen. Liberty is gesticulating and Mitch listens on
Mitch and Liberty. ITV

What happened on Love Island: All Stars last night? Episode 5 recap

It was a dramatic night for the islanders as the results of the first recoupling of the series were revealed. The girls were given the opportunity to choose who they'd like to couple up with, but an exception was made for newcomer Josh, who was allowed to make his choice first.

Josh chose Georgia H after their date in the previous episode revealed they had some history with one another. Next up was Georgia S, who coupled up with Toby but their relationship proved rocky after they got into a heated argument later in the episode.

Kaz then shook things up by choosing Luis, who seemed besotted by Demi after the pair kissed in episode 4. At that point, Kaz hadn't been told Luis and Demi shared a kiss but soon everything was revealed.

Josh, Chris, Toby, Callum, Luis, Mitchel and Anton all stood in a row at the villa firepit
Josh, Chris, Toby, Callum, Luis, Mitchel and Anton. ITV

Elsewhere, Liberty coupled up with Mitch, Molly chose her ex-boyfriend Callum, Hannah stuck with Anton and Demi was then left to couple up with Chris.

Things soon got heated between Luis and Mitch after the recoupling, with Luis telling Mitch: "You know what you did there, bruv."

Mitch responded: "Behave, bro."

All was well as the duo later made up, apologising to each other for their behaviour.

Love Island: All Stars episode 4 recap

A new bombshell took three of the islanders on dates during last night's Love Island and it's safe to say they were all pleased to see him. Season 1 finalist Josh Ritchie took Georgia S, Hannah and Georgia H on a date, where they all reminisced on memories with one another.

Fans will, of course, remember that Hannah and Josh were both on season 1 together, with Hannah describing Josh as her "little brother" when they first crossed paths.

It was also revealed that Josh and Georgia H have some history, with Georgia telling the other islanders that she has known Josh for going on 10 years, however it seems the last time they met things didn't go to plan.

Josh and Georgia H sat on a ground in front of a mountain. They are clinking their glasses
Josh and Georgia H on their date. ITV

During their date, Georgia H told Josh: "I'm going to paint my picture. So, I saw you at a party. We were having a nice day. I said, 'I'm going to an amazing club later' and had the table sorted...

"...You bumped me off my own table, you went in, you didn't so much as look back. I didn't even get a text, not even till the next day, 'Are you alright G, just thinking about you to see how you got on babycakes'..." Awkward!

Elsewhere in the episode, Kaz had been getting to know Luis, but he had also been forming a connection with Demi and things got a bit steamy between the two on the terrace. As the scenes played out, Luis and Demi headed up to the terrace where they shared a kiss. Kaz eventually got wind of what happened when Demi walked into the dressing room looking for her phone, which was in her hand!

Demi and Luis looking at once another on a day bed. They are both smiling
Demi and Luis. ITV

In true Love Island fashion, a recoupling is imminent! The recoupling will take place tonight (Friday 19th January), in which the girls get to pick the boy they'd like to couple up with. However due to Josh being the latest islander in the villa, he gets first dibs!

As he has been getting to know all the girls, it isn't clear who he will end up with...

Love Island: All Stars episode 3 recap

It was a solemn night in the villa for the Islanders, as Jake decided his time on the show was up, and he gathered his fellow Islanders around the fire pit and delivered the news.

"Listen, everyone," he began. "I was here to find love, there's no one really that I've got that connection with... I'm going tonight."

After saying his goodbyes, he spoke with Liberty and reassured her that his decision to leave wasn't any of her doing.

"It's weird to think that three years ago I was leaving being true to myself, and now you're doing the same thing," she told him.

Liberty and Jake both looking at each other whilst having a conversation
Liberty and Jake. ITV

Elsewhere in the episode, exes Callum and Molly had a spot of drama, following Callum asking Molly if she still had feelings for him. While they both agreed they had feelings for one another, things got a bit heated after Callum complimented Molly.

"This is the most compliments I've ever had, by the way," Molly told Toby and Georgia. "It took three and a half years of me saying, 'I just need a few words of affirmation. You've been practicing for the past three months on some random girls.'"

While Callum denied this, the pair peeled back their relationship and how it ended in front of the other Islanders, and safe to say it was awkward.

But this didn't stop Chris from pulling Molly for a chat. The pair have been flirting since Molly entered the villa, and they even shared a kiss on the terrace! What could this mean for the couples they are in?

Callum, Molly, Georgia S and Toby all have a conversation. Callum is stood up while the others are sat on the sofa
The Islanders having a tense conversation. ITV

As fans have been calling for more bombshells, Love Island has delivered. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that season 1's Joshua Ritchie would be making his way back to the villa.

Known as a "cheeky chappy" on his original run, will be able to find love this time around?

Love Island: All Stars episode 2 recap

As the first episode of Love Island: All Stars was left on a cliffhanger, everyone was desperate to know who Callum chose to couple up with and it was none other than his ex-girlfriend Molly!

As his choice was revealed, Demi said: "I'm in shock!"

Later in the evening, Liberty pulled Jake for a chat after feeling as though he had been avoiding her.

"I personally feel, maybe you've just been doing your thing, but I do feel you have been avoiding me a bit and I don't want it to be like that," Liberty told her ex-flame.

He replied: "There's no bad blood there. We've moved on – I wanna talk to you because you're good fun." To which Liberty responded: "Maybe a good friendship could come out of this."

Liberty and Jake sitting across from one another having a conversation
Liberty and Jake. ITV

Jake and Liberty weren't the only couple to be placed firmly in the friend zone, as Kaz and Mitch also decided they were better off as friends. The next day, Kaz made her move on Luis and started getting to know him.

It was time for the first game of the series – and this time it was Champagne Dares.

The heat turned up in the villa when Molly was dared to: "Have a three way kiss with the two Islanders you fancy the most."

Molly decided to share the kiss with Chris and Luis, despite being in a couple with Callum. Awkward!

Love Island: All Stars episode 1 recap

Like every Love Island launch show, the Islanders all entered the villa in twos, with Liberty and Hannah entering first, toasting to being "blond bombshells" and being back on the show. However, Liberty was in for a shock when her ex-boyfriend Jake entered the villa alongside Chris.

Eventually the villa was complete and the Islanders began to get to know one another before host Maya Jama walked in and got things started. She asked the boys to stand in a line and for the girls to stand next to the Islanders they were most attracted to.

Demi stood next to Luis, Georgia S stood next to Anton, Liberty stood next to Mitchel, while Georgia H, Hannah and Kaz all stood next to Chris. This meant no one stood next to Toby and Jake, however things were not this simple.

Jake, Mitch, Liberty,Anton,Georgia S, Luis, Demi, Toby, Chris, Georgia, Hannah & Kaz
Jake, Mitch, Liberty, Anton, Georgia S, Luis, Demi, Toby,Chris, Georgia, Hannah and Kaz. ITV

Maya told the Islanders that she would return later in the evening to couple them up, giving them the day to get to know one another. Throughout the episode, viewers saw Georgia S speak with Toby, whom she'd been in a couple with on Love Island Games, suggesting there was some unfinished business.

Meanwhile, Georgia H and Chris started to get to know one another, with Chris noting that he was getting a lot of eye contact from the islander.

The Islanders then got ready for the night and just as they toasted the series, Maya Jama walked in to deliver some news. She revealed that the public had chosen which Islanders would be coupled up. The couples are: Liberty and Jake, Kaz and Mitchel, Georgia H and Luis, Demi and Chris, Georgia S and Toby and Hannah and Anton.

Georgia S and Toby.
Georgia S and Toby. ITV

But this is Love Island, and a major twist was thrown in when the Islanders least expected it. Maya revealed that there was a bombshell on their way who had the power to split up one of the couples – and it was none other than winter Love Island's Callum Jones.

As Maya gave Callum his directions, she had another bombshell up her sleeve. She told Callum that he had the choice of splitting up one of the couples or he could couple up with the bombshell who was about to walk through the door. As everyone's heads turned, the blond bombshell was revealed to be Molly Smith, Callum's ex-girlfriend of three years.

It was reported that Callum and Molly had split in September 2023 and had even split custody of their dogs.

Callum and Molly.
Callum and Molly. ITV

In true Love Island fashion, the episode ended on a cliffhanger and all will be revealed during tonight's (Tuesday 16th January) episode!

Love Island: All Stars continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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