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Love Island 2015: meet Hannah Elizabeth

The Playboy Bunny says she'll bring the party to the villa as she dishes on what life's really like in Hugh Hefner's mansion

Published: Saturday, 6th June 2015 at 8:02 am

Name: Hannah Elizabeth


Age: 25

Day job: Glamour model and Playboy Bunny from Liverpool, now living in Essex.

Interesting fact: Hannah appeared on TOWIE as one of Kirk Norcross’s Sugar Hut Honeys. “He was trying to make an image like Hugh Hefner. There were twelve of us and we just partied. I had an absolute ball doing it. That’s when I fell in love with Essex and moved down there.”

Why Love Island? “I’ve ‘friend-zoned’ everyone. I’m just one of the lads. When I go out, I don’t go out to pull. I go out to get p***ed and that takes up most of my time and then I’m gone and no one would want to go near me to be honest. I probably scare them all off.

“I’m going in purely because I have the s**ttest luck with fellas. I cannot get myself a nice lad. I just can’t do it. I don’t know why it is, I just attract the wrong type of lads.”

Ideal man: “I like the geeky kind of funny lad, but I don’t attract them. I attract cocky lads. I like a skinny a*** really. I only attract these muscly ones. Because of my job they think they can have it. That makes me like, no. It makes me sick. I can’t deal with them.

“I’m not a flirty kind of girl. When I’m out, I’m the wild one standing on a chair drinking my pint, I’m rapping. I’m not out there standing like I’m posing. But I look like that kind of girl so I just attract the wrong people all the time. Cocky and arrogant – that’s my ideal of hell."

On partying: "I will bring the party to the villa. I’ll defo be up for the parties all of the time."

On getting on with the girls: “I get on with absolutely everyone but then girls always seem to be funny with me. I’m a Scouser, I don’t hold back. I’m not two-faced – I’ll tell them how it is. I’ll only have a problem with you if you give me a reason to. But I hang around with a big group of lads, and I’ve always been like that – I’m a bit of a tomboy even though I’m glam. I’ve always got on with lads better. I just can’t be a***d with girls’ bitchiness.”

On her job as a Playboy Bunny: “I go to the mansion every year. I do a lot of the painted ladies stuff – you’re absolutely naked but you look like you’ve got clothes on. You just kind of walk around the party, but you’re naked, but you don’t look like you are.

“Let me just tell you about the mansion: it’s the total opposite of the way other people have painted the mansion to be. It’s like a sweet little family. The girls are basically there for show to keep the whole thing going. Hef’s not a sleaze. Don’t get me wrong – the parties are wild – but it’s not like that on a day-to-day basis. Maybe years ago it was. I’ve never been a girlfriend [of Hugh's].”

Celebs in the mansion: “I met Mini Me from Austin Powers. He had like five blondes around him. I met Ja Rule, that was sick because I love music like that. At the last Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is one of the biggest Hollywood parties, the next day I was looking at the pictures and Zac Efron was actually in there but I didn’t see him, so I’m fuming!”

Celeb crush: “I love Scott Disick because he’s hysterical. I just want to marry him because I’d have a ball with him. I’m all about someone who’s funny and makes me howl. I love Johnny Knoxville off Jackass.”

On getting steamy in the villa: “Before you go in, you say I’d never have sex with anyone on telly and all of that, don’t you? But I think when you get in there, you might just forget where you are and just live in a bubble so I just don’t know.”

Ideal date: “I wouldn’t want a big posh thing, like a pint or a pub or a burger. I don’t want anything swanky, I’d feel too overwhelmed. I’d rather literally go for a bevy in the pub, that’d be sound.

“I actually don’t ever go on dates. I don’t know why. No one ever seems to take me on a date.”

Living in Essex: “I love the accent, it’s sexy. I love the way Essex lads dress, they take care of themselves. I’d definitely like to get it on with an Essex lad. I’ll never date a Scouser again. Scouse lads are amazing, they’re hysterical, the funniest people you’ll meet. But I can’t date one again.”


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2


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