Meet the UK’s Eurovision 2017 hopefuls

These are the six acts singing to represent the UK at Eurovision 2017


The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 takes place in Ukraine on May 13th 2017 but who’ll be singing for the UK?


You decide on, well, Eurovision: You Decide, on Friday January 27th and here are the six acts who’ll be competing for your votes…

Olivia Garcia – Freedom Hearts

Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More

Lucie Jones – I Will Never Give Up On You

Danyl Johnson – Light Up The World

Salena Mastroianni – I Don’t Wanna Fight

Nate Simpson – What Are We Made Of


The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will air on BBC1 on Saturday May 13th. Eurovision: You Decide airs on BBC2 on Friday January 27th at 7.30pm