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Eurovision Song Contest 2021 results – full scoreboard and points

The winner has been voted in, and Italy claimed the Eurovision crown. Here's how all the countries did.

Published: Sunday, 23rd May 2021 at 12:47 pm

The Eurovision 2021 final took the beloved song contest to a whole other level. We're used to the awkward moments, the bizarre performances and the fun campness of it all, but what we didn't expect was the abundance of genuinely great tunes – and how hard it would be to crown only one of them the winner.


In the end, it was Italy's Måneskin who claimed the glass trophy, smashing the public vote and ending at the top of the scoreboard. Unsurprising, not just because Zitti E Buoni turned out to be the glam rock anthem we didn't know we needed, but because their revealing leather outfits rocked as much as the track.

The Eurovision 2021 winners had some tough competition, however, with both France and Switzerland looking like they might claim the top spot at various points.

Fan favourites Iceland managed to come in fourth, despite Daði & Gagnamagnið not being able to perform live due to a member of the band testing positive for coronavirus.

With last year's competition being cancelled, it was obvious most of the acts had taken the year to fine-tune their entries. Sadly but perhaps unsurprisingly giving the calibre of the night's performances, the UK's James Newman didn't end up lighting up the scoreboard with Embers, which scored zero points from both the jury and the public vote.

Even Germany, whose song was compared to Marmite "if everybody hated Marmite" by Graham Norton, did better. Though not by much, as they finished with three points.

Want to know the final scores? Read on for the final scoreboard with every country's points.

  1. Italy, Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni – 524 points
  2. France, Barbara Pravi - Voilà – 499 points
  3. Switzerland, Gjon's Tears - Tout l'Univers – 432 points
  4. Iceland, Daði Freyr og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years – 378 points
  5. Ukraine, Go_A - Shum – 361 points
  6. Finland, Blind Channel - Dark Side – 301 points
  7. Malta, Destiny - Je Me Casse – 255 points
  8. Lithuania, The Roop - Discoteque – 220 points
  9. Russia, Manizha - Russian Woman – 204 points
  10. Greece, Stefania - Last Dance – 170 points
  11. Bulgaria, Victoria - Growing Up is Getting Old – 170 points
  12. Portugal, The Black Mamba - Love Is On My Side – 153 points
  13. Moldova, Natalia Gordienko - SUGAR – 115 points
  14. Sweden, Tusse - Voices – 109 points
  15. Serbia, Hurricane - Loco Loco – 102 points
  16. Cyprus, Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo – 94 points
  17. Israel, Eden Alene - Set Me Free – 93 points
  18. Norway, TIX - Fallen Angel – 75 points
  19. Belgium, Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place – 74 points
  20. Azerbaijan, Efendi - Mata Hari – 65 points
  21. Albania, Anxhela Peristeri - Karma – 57 points
  22. San Marino, Senhit - Adrenalina – 50 points
  23. The Netherlands, Jeangu Macrooy - Birth of a New Age – 11 points
  24. Spain, Blas Cantó - Voy A Querdarme – six points
  25. Germany, Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate – three points
  26. United Kingdom, James Newman - Embers – zero points

And so the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will be held in Italy after Måneskin's incredible win.


We may have had to wait two years for this Eurovision due to last year's planned event falling victim to the pandemic but it was certainly a joy to have it back on our screens. Here's hoping it's only one year until the next one.

The Eurovision final airs Saturday at 8pm on BBC One. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide. Visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.

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