After 10 long weeks in The Great British Bake Off tent, it's now time for the final round.


Back in September, 12 contestants entered the kitchen in a bid to be crowned this year's winner, but only three bakers remain in the running to be the 2022 champ.

Tonight (Tuesday 15th November), Sandro, Abdul and Syabira will take on the final Bake Off theme in one last attempt to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

First up is the Signature challenge, which will see the trio preparing a picnic, followed by a summer classic for the Technical and a final Showstopper in celebration of the planet.

Viewers will have to wait until the end of the episode to find out who this year's winner will be, but 78 per cent of fans have predicted the same winner.

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In an exclusive poll, London-based research associate Syabira secured 78.4 per cent of the votes to be this year's champion, with Sandro in second place.

It comes after reigning champ Giuseppe Dell'Anno revealed who he thinks should win this year, saying: "Syabira has probably been the best performing of the three overall, and I hope that the final result will give her credit for that."

As the final kicks off, here's everything you need to know about this year's Great British Bake Off 2022 line-up, from their baking inspirations to their areas of expertise, and who has been eliminated so far in the competition.

Great British Bake Off 2022 line-up

Group Photo of Bakers in the Tent (L to R (back) James, Sandro, Maxy, Kevin, Abdul (front) Carole (pink/purple hair), Maisam, Syabira, Rebs, Dawn, William, Janusz)
Group Photo of James, Sandro, Maxy, Kevin, Abdul, Carole, Maisam, Syabira, Rebs, Dawn, William and Janusz. Channel 4

This year's line-up included 12 bakers.

Below is a list of all the season 13 contestants:

  • Abdul, 29, electronics engineer from London
  • Janusz, 34, personal assistant from Sussex
  • Maxy, 29, architectural assistant from London
  • Sandro, 30, nanny from London
  • Syabira, 32, cardiovascular research associate from London
  • Carole, 59, supermarket cashier from Dorset
  • Dawn, 60, IT Manager from Bedfordshire
  • James, 25, nuclear scientist from Cumbria
  • Kevin, 33, music teacher from Lanarkshire
  • Maisam, 18, student and sales assistant from Greater Manchester
  • Rebs, 23, Masters student from County Atrim, Northern Ireland
  • Will, 45, former charity director from London

Great British Bake Off 2022 finalists


Great British Bake Off 2022 contestant Abdul
Great British Bake Off 2022 contestant Abdul Channel 4

Age: 29

Job: Electronics engineer

From: London

Abdul is an electronic engineer from London. He was born in Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents and likes to apply his precision thinking to the chemistry of creating bakes.

"Most of what I have learnt is either through books or youtube videos, my favourite author is James Morton. His books are stunning, they go in depth about the what, why and how of baking which is an essential for beginners; his recipes are quite basic but his explanations are out of this world!" He said of his baking inspirations.


The Great British Bake Off 2022 - Sandro
Sandro Channel 4

Age: 30

From: London

Job: Nanny

Sandro, 30, is a nanny from London.

When he was 21, his father passed away and he turned to baking as a form of therapy. Now, he lives and breathes it, and is often found rustling up bakes in a relaxed vibe with the telly on, or running virtual baking classes for children with autism.

"Over the years I have had my loved ones encouraging me with my bakes, their help was more tasting and critiquing. When I first wanted to apply for the show, i had my good friend who was helping me and she really encouraged me to apply," he said.


Syabira Channel 4

Age: 32

From: London

Job: Cardiovascular Research Associate

Syabira is a 32-year-old cardiovascular research associate from London. She started baking in 2017, and likes to put a Malaysian twist on traditional British dishes.

"My strength is I am quick to learn and a resilient baker. Throw me anything, I will make it work. My biggest weakness is perfection," she explained.

Former Great British Bake Off 2022 contestants

Janusz - Eliminated on Week 9

Janusz Channel 4

Age: 34

From: East Sussex

Job: Personal Assistant to Head Teacher

Janusz is a 34-year-old personal assistant to head teacher.

Janusz describes his baking style as "cartoon-like, colourful and camp", with the 34-year-old often working Polish ingredients into British staples.

"Being on GBBO was something I never thought I would be able to achieve. It was my third attempt and it was actually my boyfriend that applied for me each year without me knowing! The audition process was SO much fun and each year I became more and more determined to prove to myself that I could do it. When I got the call to confirm my place this year I was convinced I was being pranked! It was the biggest moment of my life so far and I was SO proud of myself… but then the reality of what was coming sunk in and I put myself to work!" Janusz said.

Maxy - Eliminated in Week 8

Great British Bake Off 2022 contestant Maxy
Maxy baking in the tent - to camera Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4

Age: 29

From: London

Job: Architectural assistant

Maxy is an architectural assistant from London. She started baking five years ago, after she welcomed her first daughter. The 29-year-old was raised in Sweden and attributes her favourite flavours – cinnamon and saffron – to her Scandinavian upbringing.

"My Aunt got me into baking as a little girl, she really did set the foundation. I remember looking forward to going over to her house purely because I knew that we were definitely going to bake something. My baking adventures with my aunt stopped when I moved over to England age eight. My mum was not into baking as much, however, she does make an amazing crumble which we all love, she is more into cooking," she revealed.

"Seeing as there wasn’t much baking going on at home, I took it upon myself to learn how to bake new things. I would buy myself recipe books with my pocket money, which I still have today. Tested out a few of the recipes here and there until I was able to develop and perfect my own. Other than the recipe books, and watching shows like Bake Off, Jamie Oliver and even Ready Steady Cook (when making desserts) have helped improve my baking, and as of recent youtube! I love watching videos by Georgia’s Cakes and Cupcake Jemma."

Kevin - Eliminated in Week 7

Kevin on GBBO
Kevin on GBBO Channel 4

Age: 33

From: Lanarkshire

Job: Music teacher

Kevin, 33, is a music teacher from East Sussex, who loves combining fruits, herbs, nuts and spices. When it comes to presentation, however, he believes the bake will take care of itself - interesting!

"Books and magazines have been my window into the world of bakery and cooking. The Hummingbird Bakery books were a pretty big deal in my church when I was younger and they were my first experience of really fun and outrageously tasty baking. My mum also gets me a yearly subscription to Delicious magazine each Christmas and it has been my teacher and guide for years," he said.

Dawn - Eliminated in Week 6

Dawn in Bake Off 2022
Dawn in Great British Bake Off 2022 Channel 4/Mark Bourdillon

Age: 60

Job: IT manager

From: Bedfordshire

Dawn, 60 is an IT manager from Bedfordshire. She likes to describe herself as an "artist" and loves challenging herself with illusion cakes.

On taking part in Bake Off, she said: "I dreamt about it but did I really? No, not in a million years! I just remember saying, 'Oh my word!' Or possibly something less polite! I had goosebumps and was shaking like a leaf!"

Carole - Eliminated in Week 5

Great British Bake Off 2022 contestant Carole
Channel 4

Age: 59

Job: Supermarket cashier

From: Dorset

Carole is a 59-year-old supermarket cashier from Dorset, who loves fruity and punchy flavours when it comes to baking.

"It was much smaller than I expected, but it had a familiar feeling about it, as I had watched nearly every one of GBBO episodes, so felt quite at home," Carole said about her first day in the tent.

James – Eliminated in Week 4

James on Great British Bake Off 2022.
Channel 4

Age: 25

From: Cumbria

Job: Nuclear Scientist

James, 25, is a nuclear scientist from Cumbria. When it comes to his baking-style, his signature is 'child-friendly horror'.

"My mum taught me the basics and our constant back and forth of ideas has helped keep me motivated but it was after I moved out for university that I started to learn more from online videos and demonstrations. Once COVID hit, I just went baking daft and fumbled my way through as much as I could – when there was flour shortage… those were dark days for bakers," he said.

Rebs – Eliminated in Week 4

Great British Bake Off 2022 contestant Rebs
Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4

Age: 23

From: Country Antrim, Northern Ireland

Job: Masters Student

Rebs is a 23-year-old Masters student from County Atrim, who found their love of baking during the pandemic.

"During lockdown I turned to baking to destress from the chaos of the world and found it the perfect way to constructively fill my time and make everyone around me equally happy! My boyfriend’s granny has been the one teaching me as, at 84 years old, she still baked dozens of scones, soda breads and potato farls," Rebs said.

Maisam - Eliminated in Week 2

Channel 4

Age: 18

From: Greater Manchester

Job: Student and Sales Assistant

At 18, Maisam is the youngest baker in the tent this year. She's a student and sales assistant from Greater Manchester, who has been baking since the age of 13 - wow!

Asked about her baking knowledge and inspiration, she said: "My family would definitely come first, they have always been there and supported me throughout my baking journey. My mum is my biggest baking inspiration. My baking had definitely come a long way, when I first started baking things didn't go too well in the kitchen but with a lot of determination, support from my family and some tears I have managed to improve as a baker that’s why my best advice to anyone that's just starting off with baking is to really trust the process, believe in yourself and your baking and keep going because that's what I told myself."

Will - Eliminated in Week 1

Channel 4

Age: 45

From: London

Job: Former Charity Director

Will, 45, is a former charity director from London.

Intrigued by the technical side of baking, he is a particular fan of using yeast – and not just in bread! His favourite flavours are salted caramel and paprika (but not at the same time).

Asked about his strong points, Will said: "My strength, anything with yeast or sourdough starter – bread, buns, croissants, pizzas, bagels, panettone … you name it, I’d give it a go! My weakness… cake, I’m not a huge fan of making cake."

The Great British Bake 2022 final airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday 15th November at 8pm.

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