Unforgotten season 5 has come to a dramatic end, with the cold case murder reaching an epic conclusion.


The ITV crime drama's fifth instalment picked up shortly after the tragic death of DCI Cassie Stewart (Nicola Walker) at the end of season 4.

Sinéad Keenan takes the helm in the new season as DCI Jessica 'Jessie' James, DI Sunny Khan’s (Sanjeev Bhaskar) new partner-in-detecting-crime, though it's far from plain sailing for the duo initially, with Keenan previously teasing the new dynamic.

As well as Walker, Lewis Reeves (who played DC Jake Collier) is also absent from season 5 after previously revealing that filming dates clashed with his work on Sky comedy Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything.

Read on to find out everything about the cast and characters of Unforgotten season 5, as well as in previous seasons 1 through 4.

Unforgotten cast: Who stars in season 5 alongside Sinéad Keenan?

Sinéad Keenan plays DCI Jessica 'Jessie' James

Unforgotten ITV season 5

Who is DCI Jessica 'Jessie' James? The new DCI, Jessie is stepping in to replace Nicola Walker's Cassie Stewart, who died at the end of season 4. But on her first day in the new job, she is faced with a major family problem of her own – will she be able to put her personal feelings aside to investigate the cold case at hand?

Where have I seen Sinéad Keenan before? The RTS award-winning actress has had starring roles in Being Human, Little Boy Blue, Three Families and Showtrial.

Sanjeev Bhaskar plays DI Sunny Khan

Sanjeev Bhaskar in Unforgotten Mainstreet for ITV

Who is DI Sunny Khan? Sunny used to be Cassie's second-in-command and is struggling with grief this season, mourning the loss of his boss and close friend. He's previously taken the lead in Unforgotten before but with a new DCI on the scene, viewers can expect the pair to keep each other at cautionary arm's length in the first few episodes.

At least he'll have his famous backpack to spur him on.

Where have I seen Sanjeev Bhaskar before? Bhaskar has led the cast of Unforgotten since its debut with Nicola Walker. The actor is also best known for his comedy work, including The Kumars at No 42 and Goodness Gracious Me. He has also starred in Paddington 2, The Indian Doctor, the Beatles film Yesterday and has most recently starred in Netflix's Neil Gaiman adaptation The Sandman.

Rhys Yates plays Jay

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: RHYS YATES as Jay Royce. ITV

Who is Jay? Jay is one of the main suspects in this season of Unforgotten. He's had a childhood of trauma and now lives in a rundown flat with his girlfriend, who he provides drugs for by any means necessary, namely committing crimes.

Where have I seen Rhys Yates? Yates has starred in The Outlaws as Smiler, but has also appeared in Silent Witness, Plebs, Britannia, Eastenders and London Kills.

Max Rinehart plays Karol Wojski

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: MAX RINEHART as Karol Wojski. ITV

Who is Karol Wojski? We meet Poland-born Karol as he's navigating a new life in Paris with a girlfriend who is in the middle of a tense custody battle with her ex-partner. But we soon learn his past life in London as a social worker is somehow involved in this criminal case.

Where have I seen Max Rinehart? Rinehart has had minor roles in Hollyoaks, Industry, Jekyll and Hyde, as well as featuring in The Bad Education Movie.

Ian McElhinney plays Lord Tony Hume

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: IAN MCELHINNEY as Lord Tony Hume. ITV

Who is Lord Tony Hume? A successful politician, Hume was formerly a member of government and is now a member of the House of Lords. Most interestingly, he's changed stance in his career from a Thatcherite politician – but why? There's a part of his history that means he's investigated in this season and he soon becomes one of four suspects.

Where have I seen Ian McElhinney? The Northern Irish actor has had notable roles in Taggart, Cold Feet, The Tudors, Game of Thrones, The Fall and Derry Girls.

Martina Laird plays Ebele Falade

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: MARTINA LAIRD as Ebele Falade. ITV

Who is Ebele Falade? Ebele is running a successful vegan restaurant with partner Dave when we meet her, but soon finds herself suspected of being part of the central crime story.

Where have I seen Martina Laird? Laird has starred in Casualty, Holby City, Eastenders and The Bay, as well as numerous stage performances.

Carolina Main plays DS Fran Lingley

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: CAROLINA MAIN as DS Fran Lingley. ITV

Who is DS Fran Lingley? Fran is part of Jessie and Sunny's team and in this season, is struggling after Cassie's death and in accepting the new management style of DCI James.

Where have I seen Carolina Main? Main is best known for her roles in Blood, Temple, and has also starred in The Test, Foundation and Grantchester.

Hayley Mills plays Emma Hume

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: IAN MCELHINNEY as Lord Tony Hume and HAYLEY MILLS as Lady Emma Hume. ITV

Who is Emma Hume? Emma is Lord Tony's wife.

Where have I seen Hayley Mills? The acclaimed stage, film and TV actress has appeared in a long string of roles throughout her career but is perhaps best known for 1961's The Parent Trap, Pollyanna and more recently, ITV's Wild at Heart.

Andrew Lancel plays Steve James

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: ANDREW LANCEL as Steve James. ITV

Who is Steve James? Steve is DCI Jessie's husband and is caught up in the drama of the first episode, when Jessie's first day gets off to a very rocky start.

Where have I seen Andrew Lancel? Lancel is perhaps best known for his roles as DI Neil Manson in The Bill and Frank Foster in Coronation Street, but has also starred in Queer as Folk, Bad Girls and The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe.

Mark Frost plays Dave Adams

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: MARK FROST as Dave Adams. ITV

Who is Dave Adams? Dave is Ebele's partner and is the chef of their successful vegan restaurant, which they hope to turn into a big catering company.

Where have I seen Mark Frost before? Frost has most recently starred in Sherwood and Silent Witness, but has had roles in Poldark, Hope Springs and Coronation Street as Ray Crosby.

Jordan Long plays DS Murray Boulting

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: JORDAN LONG as DS Murray Boulting. ITV

Who is DS Murray Boulting? A returning familiar face, Boulting is part of the integral investigating team but like his fellow officers, is still struggling in the wake of Cassie's death.

Where have I seen Jordan Long before? Long has starred in Unforgotten since 2015, but has also starred in Andor, The Gentlemen, Prime Suspect 1973 and Taboo.

Pippa Nixon plays DC Karen Willets

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: PIPPA NIXON as DC Karen Willets. ITV

Who is DC Karen Willets? Another integral part to Sunny's team, Karen is similarly struggling to know how to approach the new management style of DCI James.

Where have I seen Pippa Nixon? Nixon is another returning face to Unforgotten but has also had roles in Angela Black, Doc Martin, The Chelsea Detective and MotherFatherSon.

Georgia Mackenzie plays Dr Leanne Balcombe

The cast of Unforgotten season 5 looking at a bone
Sinead Keenan as DCI Jessica James, Georgia Mackenzie as Leanne Balcombe and Sanjeev Bhaskar as DI Sunny Khan in Unforgotten season 5. ITV

Who is Dr Leanne Balcombe? Leanne is the pathologist and part of Sunny and Jessie's wider policing team.

Where have I seen Georgia Mackenzie? Mackenzie has also had minor roles in Casualty, Silent Witness, Midsomer Murders and Waterloo Road.

Michelle Bonnard plays Sal

Unforgotten series 5 (ITV)
Unforgotten: MICHELLE BONNARD as Sal. ITV

Who is Sal? Sal is Sunny's partner and at the end of season 4, we saw Sunny propose to Sal. This season, the pair are struggling in light of Sunny's grief.

Where have I seen Michelle Bonnard? The actress and screenwriter has had featuring roles in House of the Dragon, We Hunt Together, The Fear, Waking the Dead, Doctors and Silent Witness, to name a few.

Unforgotten season 4

Nicola Walker plays DCI Cassie Stewart

Unforgotten (ITV)

Who is DCI Cassie Stewart? Former lead DCI Cassie Stewart was a professional, level-headed murder detective devoted to solving cold cases but season 4 saw a multitude of problems for our previous lead: a nervous breakdown, an unsuccessful request for early retirement and a tragic car crash that led to her death.

Where have I seen Nicola Walker before? Walker has played a variety of roles throughout her career but is perhaps best known for roles as Jane Oliver in Collateral, Hannah Sterne in The Split, Gillian in Last Tango in Halifax and Ruth Evershed in Spooks. Most recently, she has taken the helm of Alibi's Annika and also starred opposite Sean Bean in Marriage.

Peter Egan plays Martin Hughes

Peter Egan plays Martin Hughes in Unforgotten

Who is Martin Hughes? Cassie's dad, Martin is a widower and previously lived with Cassie and her son. In previous seasons, his long-term relationship with a new woman was a bone of contention between him and Cassie. He struggles with early onset dementia, which results in him developing depression and alienating Cassie.

Where have I seen Peter Egan before? A veteran actor, his credits include Hold the Sunset, Downton Abbey (as Hugh "Shrimpie" MacClare), Home Again, Big Breadwinner Hog, Prince Regent, and Ever Decreasing Circles. He's recently starred in Netflix's After Life season two alongside Ricky Gervais, and The Spanish Princess.

Alastair MacKenzie plays DCI John Bentley

Alastair MacKenzie plays DCI John Bentley in Unforgotten

Who is DCI John Bentley? An officer on the original case in season three, he previously developed an interest in Cassie, before the pair struck up a committed relationship.

Where have I seen Alastair MacKenzie before? The actor recently played Richard Aylard in The Crown season 5, as well as Simon Lanesborough in Professor T and Perrin Fertha in Andor. He has also starred in Deep Water, the Cold Feet reboot, The Loch, Wolf Hall, Dracula and Monarch of the Glen.

Jassa Ahluwalia plays Adam

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Adam? Cassie's son, who lives with her and her father. He's yet to find a job, which is a point of annoyance for Cassie.

Where have I seen Jassa Ahluwalia before? Known for his role on Unforgotten, he also played Dimitri in Peaky Blinders, and Rocky in Some Girls. Other past projects include Ripper Street (as Vincent Featherwell), and the film The Whale.

Liz White plays Fiona Grayson

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Fiona Grayson? A therapist who lives in the Peak District with her husband and two children.

Where have I seen Liz White before? She's best known for playing Annie Cartwright in the BBC time-slip series Life on Mars, and as Emma Keane in the Channel 4 drama series Ackley Bridge. She has also starred in The Chelsea Detective and Call the Midwife.

Susan Lynch plays Elizabeth Baildon

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Elizabeth Baildon? A high-flying career woman who lives in Cambridge.

Where have I seen Susan Lynch before? She has starred in the likes of National Treasure, Sex Education, Doctor Who, Apple Tree Yard, the Downton Abbey film, and 16 Years of Alcohol. Most recently, she reprised her role as Alison Garrs in Happy Valley for its third and final season.

Sheila Hancock plays Eileen


Who is Eileen? Elizabeth's bed-bound mother, who she has a fraught relationship with.

Where have I seen Dame Sheila Hancock before? The acting legend is known for a long list of roles but she's also most recently starred in projects like Endeavour, A Discovery of Witches, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and Delicious.

Andy Nyman plays Dean Barton

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Dean Barton? A seemingly legitimate businessman, he's happily married with a disabled adult son.

Where have I seen Andy Nyman before? He recently played the role of Home Secretary in The Capture season 2, but has also starred in the film Judy, Hanna, Wanderlust, Ghost Stories, and Peaky Blinders (as Winston Churchill).

Phaldut Sharma plays Ram Sidhu

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Ram Sidhu? An expectant father in Southall.

Where have I seen Phaldut Sharma before? Recent roles have included Sherwood, A Discovery of Witches, The Singapore Grip, Avenue 5, The Accident, The Personal History of David Copperfield, Hanna, and EastEnders (as AJ).

Clare Calbraith plays Anna

Unforgotten season 4

Who is Anna? Ram's wife, who also happens to be pregnant.

Where have I seen Clare Calbraith before? She most recently played Sheila Coleman in Anne, as well as Jane Moorsum in Downton Abbey, and Clare in Baptiste. She's also starred in Vera (as Shep), The Innocents, Anne, Mindscape, Home Fires (as Steph Farrow), and The Shadow Line.

Lewis Reeves plays DC Jake Collier

Lewis Reeves plays DC Jake Collier in Unforgotten

Who is DC Jake Collier? A member of Cassie and Sunny's team.

Where have I seen Lewis Reeves before? The actor has appeared in Unforgotten since series one but does not star in the most recent fifth season due to filming conflicts. He has also played Jake in the Netflix drama Crazyhead, and is the voice of Gareth Walker in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18. International viewers will also recognise Reeves as David in Michaela Coel's acclaimed BBC series I May Destroy You.

Unforgotten season 3

Alex Jennings plays Dr Tim Finch

Alex Jennings plays Dr Tim Finch in Unforgotten

Who is Dr Tim Finch? One of four old school friends who come under suspicion of the murder of a teenage girl found buried under the motorway. He's a successful GP in a country town, happily married to his second wife, and has two daughters (Emma and Claire) from his first marriage who he's brought up himself.

Where have I seen Alex Jennings before? Jennings most recently played Nigel Lockhart in This Is Going To Hurt, Judge Edward Clarke in the Small Axe episode Mangrove, Duke of Windsor in the first two seasons of The Crown and King Leopold in Victoria, to name a few of his most popular appearances.

James Fleet plays Chris Lowe

James Fleet plays Chris Lowe in Unforgotten

Who is Chris Lowe? Initially one of the most successful of the four friends, with his own advertising company, a house in Notting Hill and a wife and a daughter, he has since suffered a change in fortunes and is now practically homeless – living in a camper van. He has battled severe mental health issues over the years.

Where have I seen James Fleet before? Fleet is perhaps best known for roles in romantic comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Vicar of Dibley, Outlander, and Bridgerton, where fans will recognise him as King George III.

Neil Morrissey plays Pete Carr

Neil Morrissey as Pete Carr in Unforgotten

Who is Pete Carr? A failed businessman who's never made much of himself, despite his ambitions and his years in Hong Kong trying to get his career off the ground. He's moved back to Norfolk and started a family, but is struggling to make a living as a salesman.

Where have I seen Neil Morrissey before? The actor is perhaps best known for his role as Tony in Men Behaving Badly. Other notable roles include Nigel Morton in Line of Duty, Eddie Lawson in Waterloo Road, Greg in The Good Karma Hospital, and Vincent Pike in Striking Out. Recent roles include Colin Keeler in The Trial of Christine Keeler, Frank Stevenson in The Syndicate and Christopher Reasley in The Long Call. He is also the voice of Bob the Builder.

Kevin McNally plays James Hollis

Kevin McNally plays James Hollis in Unforgotten

Who is James Hollis? Like Alex Jennings' character Dr Finch, James Hollis has managed to make something of himself. A journalist and TV presenter, he has his own quiz show for sixth formers called Common Sense. James Hollis is a public figure who is very much in the limelight.

Where have I seen Kevin McNally before? McNally starred in Pirates of the Caribbean as Mr Gibbs. Other credits include The Outpost (as The Smith), Designated Survivor (as Harris Cochrane) and Downton Abbey (as Horace Bryant). More recent projects include Das Boot, Catherine the Great (as Alexi Orlov), and The Crown (as Bernard Ingham).

Bronagh Waugh plays Jessica Reid

Bronagh Waugh plays Jessica Reid in Unforgotten

Who is Jessica Reid? The victim's identical twin sister. The girl's disappearance destroyed her parents and has left her with deep emotional scars and grief.

Where have I seen Bronagh Waugh before? You may remember her as Sally Ann Spector from The Fall. She's also most recently starred in Ridley alongside Adrian Dunbar, Our House and The Suspect with Aidan Turner. She has also starred in Des, King Gary, Lethal White, Derry Girls, and Hollyoaks.

Sasha Behar plays Jamila Faruk

Sasha Behar plays Jamila Faruk in Unforgotten

Who is Jamila Faruk? Chris's love interest in the series, a Syrian refugee and a widow. The two of them met at a refugee centre and have known each other for about two years. Jamila is from a middle-class Christian Syrian family and is an interesting and intelligent woman. She has a son (Asif) but lost her husband in a bomb attack.

Where have I seen Sasha Behar before? The actress first appeared as Maya Sharma in Coronation Street in 2003. Since leaving the show, she's appeared in Code 404, Strike Back, Luther (as Dani Lane) and both Casualty and Holby City (as Alex Broadhurst). She also played the Seer in Da Vinci's Demons.

Indra Ové plays Maria Carr

Indra Ove plays Maria Carr in Unforgotten

Who is Maria Carr? Pete Carr's wife, and the mother of their two children. She gets increasingly frustrated at his inability to provide for his family.

Where have I seen Indra Ové before? She's most recently appeared in Apple TV+'s Suspicion, Sex Education and Breeders. She has also starred in Interview with the Vampire, The New Worst Witch, Midsomer Murders, The Dumping Ground and Good Omens.

Siobhan Redmond plays Derran Finch

Siobhan Redmond plays Derran Finch in Unforgotten

Who is Derran Finch? The ex-wife of Dr Alex Finch. Over the years she has suffered mental health problems and has lost contact with her two daughters, but Derran insists there is more to her ex-husband than meets the eye.

Where have I seen Siobhan Redmond before? Redmond's roles have included Beth in The Replacement and Bumalig Hightopp in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Other projects include Two Doors Down, The Nest and Grantchester.

Sara Stewart plays Mel Hollis

Sara Stewart plays Mel Hollis in Unforgotten

Who is Mel Hollis? The first wife of James Hollis, and a successful novelist. She was also in the holiday home on the night Hayley disappeared.

Where have I seen Sara Stewart before? You may recognise her as Susie from Doctor Foster. Sara Stewart has also played a QC in EastEnders, and has had roles in Fresh Meat, a 2005 episode of Doctor Who as the voice of Computer, and most recently in Father Brown.

Tom Rhys Harries plays Elliot Hollis

Tom Rhys Harries plays Eliot Hollis in Unforgotten

Who is Elliot Hollis? The troubled son of James Hollis and his first wife, Mel. He leads an unstable life and frequently disappears on drug binges. At the moment he's experimenting with cross-dressing but seems deeply unhappy in himself.

Where have I seen Tom Rhys Harries before? The Welsh actor was selected as a Screen International Star of Tomorrow in 2012. Since then he's appeared in Jekyll & Hyde, Chewing Gum and Midsomer Murders, and starred alongside Ben Whishaw and Rupert Grint in a theatre production of MOJO. He's most recently starred in Suspicion, The Split and Netflix's White Lines.

Brid Brennan plays Suzanne Reid

Unforgotten - Brid Brennan plays Hayley's mother

Who is Suzanne Reid? Hayley and Jessica's mother. She has been unable to move forward since her daughter disappeared, paralysed by grief – and now she seeks closure and justice for her killer.

Where have I seen Brid Brennan before? Three-time Olivier nominee Brid Brennan starred in 1998 movie Dancing at Lughnasa alongside Meryl Streep. On TV she's been in Peaky Blinders, Come Home, Cracker and The Escape Artist.

Gerald Kyd plays Adrian Mullery

Gerald Kyd plays Adrian Mullery in Unforgotten

Who is Adrian Mullery? The victim's boyfriend, who was named as a suspect in the initial flawed investigation.

Where have I seen Gerald Kyd before? You may have spotted him in Ridley, The Split, Doctor Who, Cold Feet, Silent Witness, Humans, Sherlock or The Coroner.

Unforgotten season 2

Lorraine Ashbourne plays DI Tessa Nixo

Who is DI Tessa Nixon? Respected detective Tessa Nixon was married to the victim, David Walker, when he went missing. They had a son, Jason, who is now in his early 30s. Due to David’s depression, Tessa assumed that he had taken his own life or started again somewhere on his own. She has since remarried, living in the Cotswolds, and is on the brink of retirement when David’s body is discovered.

Where have I seen Lorraine Ashbourne before? Ashbourne is a well-known veteran actress who has most recently starred in Sherwood as Daphne Sparrow, The Crown as Barbara Castle, Bridgerton as Mrs Varley and Joan Nuttall in Alma's Not Normal. She has also starred in Jericho, The Interceptor and Housewife, 49 to name a few.

Douglas Hodge plays Paul Nixon

Who is Paul Nixon? Tessa's new husband has been a great support to her over the years, but how will he react when her ex-husband's body is discovered? And what might it mean for their relationship?

Where have I seen Douglas Hodge before? The Olivier award-winning stage actor has starred in Joker, Penny Dreadful, Black Mirror and The Great. He has also had roles in Outnumbered, Only Fools and Horses, Middlemarch, Diana and Russell Crowe's Robin Hood.

Will Brown plays Jason Walker

Who is Jason? Tessa's son Jason is a bit of a loner and his mother worries about him constantly.

Where have I seen Will Brown before? You may have spotted Brown in The Outlaws, The Nevers, or Midsomer Murders. He has also appeared in Call The Midwife and the Doctor Who series 9 episode, The Highwayman.

Mark Bonnar plays Colin Osborne

Who is Colin Osborne? Colin Osborne is a highly-respected defence barrister who takes on a lot of pro-bono and community work, caring deeply about his clients. He lives in Brighton with his husband Simon: they're in the final stages of adopting a young girl, Flora. Before becoming a barrister, Colin worked in London as a high-flying banker.

Where have I seen Mark Bonnar before? Bonnar has had a variety of roles over the years, including starring in Line of Duty, Catastrophe, New Blood, Shetland, Psychoville and Casualty. He has also featured in PhoneShop, Doctor Who and Home Fires, and more recently he's been in Guilt, Quiz (as Paul Smith), and The Rig.

Charlie Condou plays Simon

Who is Simon? Colin's partner Simon seems blissfully unaware of his partner's woes and is fully focussed on bringing home their adopted daughter.

Where have I seen Charlie Condou before? Fans of Coronation Street will immediately recognise Condou as Coronation Street's Marcus Dent, but he had roles in the likes of Martin Chuzzlewit, Pie in the Sky, The Bill, Peak Practice and Urban Gothic long before that. He also made guest appearances in a number of British TV series including The Infinite Worlds of HG Wells, and Midsomer Murders.

Josef Altin plays Tyler

Who is Tyler? The mysterious figure seems to be following Colin and Simon – but why?

Where have I seen Josef Altin before? Game of Thrones fans will be familiar with Atlin, who played Pypar in the HBO series. He has also popped up in Top Boy, Chernobyl, River, Him & Her, Misfits and Being Human, as well as starring in a series of films including Les Miserables, Child 44, Eastern Promises and Boy A.

Rosie Cavaliero plays Marion Kelsey

Who is Marion Kelsey? Paediatric nurse Marion Kelsey works on a teenage cancer ward and has been known to develop close bonds with her patients. She has a tense relationship with her sister, Elise, and her mum, Joy, and had a turbulent time when she left home as a teenager herself. Marion is married to Tony but he suspects that she hasn’t been entirely honest with him about her past and is concerned about her mental health.

Where have I seen Rosie Cavaliero before? Rosie Cavaliero is a well recognised actress, with roles from Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge to The Enfield Haunting. She has starred in Cold Feet, Death in Paradise, and other primetime dramas. More recently she's appeared in Funny Woman, Black Narcissus (as Sister Briony) and Worzel Gummidge.

Nigel Lindsay plays Tony Kelsey

Who is Tony Kelsey? Marion's husband Tony seems devoted to his other half, but often finds himself caught up in arguments between her and her sister.

Where have I seen Nigel Lindsay before? Lindsay starred as Muslim convert Barry in Four Lions, but is also an accomplished star of stage and screen. He's starred in You, Me and The Apocalypse, Death in Paradise, BBC historical drama Rome and ITV's Victoria. Most recently, he's starred in The Salisbury Poisonings, The Last Kingdom and The Chelsea Detective.

Holly Aird plays Elise

Who is Elise? There's no love lost between Elise and her sister Marion - but why?

Where have I seen Holly Aird before? Aird is perhaps best known for her role in Waking The Dead's as original forensic pathologist Dr Frankie Wharton. She's had many minor roles in numerous TV series, and more recently played Jeanette Taylor in Four Lives, as well as Franchise in A Discovery of Witches.

Wendy Craig plays Joy Dunphy

Who is Joy? Marion's mother Joy is celebrating her 80th birthday when we first meet her and it's hinted that all is not right between mother and daughter.

Where have I seen Wendy Craig before? Beloved sitcom veteran Wendy Craig has appeared in numerous films throughout her career but is best known for her appearances in the sitcoms Not in Front of the Children, Butterflies, And Mother Makes Three and And Mother Makes Five. She also played the role of Matron in ITV's Heartbeat spin-off The Royal.

Badria Timimi plays Sara Mahmoud

Who is Sara Mahmoud? Sara Mahmoud is an English teacher who is in the process of applying for a headteacher role at a struggling local school which she hopes to turn around. She is a practising Muslim and active member of her community but not afraid to ruffle a few feathers and challenge orthodoxy, particular when it comes to women’s equality. Sara is married with children but has secrets in her past that could jeopardise her family life.

Where have I seen Badria Timimi before? Fans of Doctors will recognise Timimi as Layla Darwish, while EastEnders viewers might recognise her as Doctor Sandra Vole, who cared for Jane Beale after Bobby violently assaulted her. She played Doctor Abraham in Hollyoaks, Doctor Allen in DCI Banks and another medical professional in Whitechapel.

Adeel Akhtar plays Hassan Mahmoud

Who is Hassan? Hassan is Sarah's loving husband, who just wants to see his wife happy.

Where have I seen Adeel Akhtar before? Akhtar has most recently starred in Sherwood, but has also starred as Lestrade in Netflix's Enola Holmes, and Thénardier in BBC One's Les Miserables.

He has also starred in Four Lions, BBC Three's Murdered by My Father, and appeared in The Night Manager and Back to Life. Other roles include Utopia's Wilson Wilson and shopkeeper Ahmed in BBC mini-series Capital.

Unforgotten season 1

Tom Courtenay plays Eric Slater

Who is Eric Slater? Sir Tom Courtenay is wheelchair bound Eric, a former book keeper who worked at Arlingham House in the late 70s, and remembers the victim of the crime well. He is the carer of his much loved wife Claire (played by Gemma Jones), who has advanced dementia. Now long in retirement, Eric is in the process of organising a 40th wedding anniversary party, and trying to resist his son Les’ proposal that he and Claire move to sheltered housing when the series begins.

Where have I seen Tom Courtenay before? Courtenay is a legend of stage and screen, having first come to the world's attention in the 1960s in films like The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Billy Liar and Doctor Zhivago. He also appeared in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, the Dad's Army film remake, The Golden Compass, and 45 Years.

Trevor Eve plays Sir Philip Cross

Unforgotten ITV
Unforgotten ITV - Trevor Eve ITV

Who is Sir Philip Cross? He has recently been appointed as the government’s entrepreneur Czar and has been happily married to his childhood sweetheart Shirley (played by Cherie Lunghi) for over 40 years. As the CEO of a successful retail company, he has always traded on his status as a self made man who started out selling from the back of a van down East Lane market. But the truth turns out to be more complicated and Sir Phillip has gone to great lengths over the years to cover up a past that he is deeply ashamed of.

Where have I seen Trevor Eve before? Many will recognise Eve for his roles in Shoestring and Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd in BBC television drama Waking the Dead. The Olivier Award winner more recently appeared as Gerbert d'Aurillac in A Discovery Of Witches and has also starred in Death Comes to Pemberley as Judge Sir Selwyn Hardcastle in 2013, and as Roach in The Interceptor in 2014.

Ruth Sheen plays Lizzie Wilton

Unforgotten ITV
Unforgotten ITV - Ruth Sheen ITV

Who is Lizzie Wilton? Ruth Sheen is Lizzie Wilton, who lives in Croydon with her second generation Jamaican husband Ray.

Lizzie and Ray tragically lost their only son Michael at a young age. They are now both heavily involved in community projects helping local disadvantaged young people. Lizzie has a particularly close friendship with one of their most troubled kids, Curtis, who she is trying to help find his way in life. He’s attempting to resist peer pressure to join a gang. Cassie and Sunny will discover that Lizzie is a very different person to Beth Laws as she was known in 1976, when she was a troubled runaway living on the streets.

Where have I seen Ruth Sheen before? The Mike Leigh movie veteran - she's been in six including Mr Turner, Secrets & Lies, High Hopes and Vera Drake – has recently starred in Strike, Brassic, The Woman in White, Moving On, and as the outspoken mother Sandra in the last episode of 1980s AIDs drama It's A Sin.

You might also know Sheen as Misfits' Maggie, Bramwell's Nurse Car, Maureen Tracy from Doc Martin, or from The Bill: She played four different characters in six different episodes between 1989 and 2004. She has also popped up in an episode of Inside No. 9.

Bernard Hill plays Father Robert Greaves

Who is Father Robert Greaves? Father Robert Greaves is a priest in a parish of Leigh on Sea on the South East coast. He has been married to Grace for 39 years and they have two grown up daughters Ellie and Caroline. Robert acted as chaplain to Arlingham House from 1972-1983, which is the reason he is interviewed as part of the investigation.

Where have I seen Bernard Hill before? You'll know him best as Yosser Hughes from Boys from the Blackstuff, Captain Edward Smith from Titanic, King Théoden in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and the Warden of San Quentin Prison in the Clint Eastwood film True Crime. You may also have spotted him in period drama garb, playing the Duke of Norfolk in BBC drama Wolf Hall.

Unforgotten season 1-5 are currently available to stream on ITVX.

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