Adapted from the Windermere series of novels by Paula Daly, the female-led ensemble drama Deep Water is written by Anna Symon and will take us to the shores of the Lake District's Windermere.


Here is everything you need to know…

When is Deep Water on TV?

Deep Water began on Wednesday 14th August at 9pm on ITV. The entire season is available to stream, following broadcast of the first episode.

Is there a trailer for Deep Water?

Yes, you can watch below:

What is Deep Water about?

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Windermere, Deep Water follows the lives of three "complex and vibrant" women, each trying to do their best for their families, but facing "tough choices with difficult and often messy repercussions." The connection between these women is their similarly-aged children – and meetings at the school gates.

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The six-part drama has been penned by Mrs Wilson screenwriter Anna Symon, and is adapted from the Windermere series of novels by critically-acclaimed author Paula Daly.

Emmy-winning actress Anna Friel stars as "chaotic and disorganised" mother-of-three Lisa Kallisto,"who juggles her hectic family life with running a business." She is married to Joe, who works all hours of the day and night as a taxi driver.

The second woman is physiotherapist Roz, played by Sinead Keenan, who once had a thriving private practice - but is now facing financial ruin because of the debts run up by her soulmate Winston. According to ITV, "If she can pay off their debts they will get their lives back on track. Roz is offered help from an unexpected quarter. The decision she makes could change the course of her life."

Finally, there's Kate Riverty (Rosalind Eleazar) who "seems to have it all" and is "wealthy and attractive and with a well-drilled and highly organised family life" with children Lucinda and Fergus, and husband Guy.

Kate invites her friend Lisa and husband Joe to dinner – but the evening goes spectacularly wrong for Lisa after she makes a "spontaneous" decision...

The drama asks: "With a stunning home overlooking Lake Windermere, Kate and Guy appear to be two of life’s winners, but is it possible Kate is too good to be true?"

ITV's Head of Drama Polly Hill commented: "Anna has cleverly woven together two of Paula’s brilliant novels, to create a wonderful modern and layered series. It’s about three very different women on their own incredible and often shocking journeys, whose lives connect at the school gates. It’s funny, sexy, truthful and often outrageous, and should have the audience asking what they would do to hold their own family together."

Who is in the cast of Deep Water?

Anna Friel plays Lisa Kallisto, a mother of three trying to balance family life with her business. Friel has previously starred in Marcella, Butterfly, and Pushing Daisies.

She is joined by Bafta-nominated actress Sinead Keenan (Little Boy Blue, Being Human) who plays Roz Toovey, a physiotherapist struggling with the consequences of her partner’s debt.

Rosalind Eleazar plays Kate Riverty, a successful woman who seems to have her life in order. The actress previously appeared in Howards End and Rellik.

How does Deep Water end, and will there be a season two?

It's not yet been announced whether there will be a second season of the ITV drama, but given that the series plot was woven together from two of Paula Daly's novels, it may be that a future second season could borrow from Daly's further works.

*Warning: contains major spoilers for the end of Deep Water season one*

The series ended with Roz revealing her affair with a wealthy client, before seeming to reconcile (if not romantically, then at least as friends) with her partner Winston. Lisa also eventually reconciled with her husband following a drunken fling with Kate's brother-in-law.

However, the final episode also saw Kate being taken away from the police, after she encouraged her daughter to run away in order to frighten her estranged husband Guy into staying in the family home. Kate's young son, Fergus, also hinted that she had been hurting him — prompting Lisa to call the police.


In a second season, the show might delve more into the backstory of policewoman Joanna (Faye Marsay), while also answering whether it was really Kate who had been hurting Fergus, as he claimed.