Emmy-winner Anna Friel, Sinead Keenan and Rosalind Eleazar lead the starry cast in ITV's Deep Water, which follows three "complex and vibrant" women struggling to keep their families afloat against the picturesque backdrop of the Lake District.


Read on for everything you need to know about Deep Water's cast...

Anna Friel plays Lisa Kallisto


Who is Lisa Kallisto? Mother-of-three Lisa Kallisto juggles her hectic family life with running her dog kennels business — but a dinner party goes disastrously wrong for her when she makes a "spontaneous" decision...

"Lisa is very much of the earth, as a character, she's got her dog kennels," series writer Anne Symon told RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview. "We built those kennels into the scenery so that you can really see that she's of the hills, and of the earth."

Where have I seen Anna Friel before? The Emmy-winning actress has previously starred in Marcella, Butterfly, and as a woman resurrected from the dead in quirky comedy-drama Pushing Daisies.

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Sinead Keenan plays Roz Toovey


Who is Roz Toovey? Formerly successful physiotherapist Roz faces financial ruin from debts racked up by her partner Winston, a musician with a serious gambling addiction. Her brother, Pete, works at the local cafe and has helped Roz out financially in the past.

Where have I seen Sinead Keenan before? Bafta-nominated actress Sinead Keenan has starred in series like Little Boy Blue and Being Human, and previously starred in the Channel 4's ground-breaking lip-sync documentary Married to a Paedophile.

Rosalind Eleazar plays Kate Riverty


Who is Kate Riverty? Poised, beautiful and with an impressive home overlooking Lake Windermere, Kate Riverty and her husband Guy seem to have it all — but is she deluding herself, and the rest of the world?

"It was a deliberate decision that Kate had to have a house overlooking the lake," Symon said. "Kate's of the water... she's kind of like a mirror, in that she kind of reflects stuff back at people and then you don't really know what's going on underneath, at least you don't know in episode one. And then as the series goes on, you discover that she's very much got hidden depths and vulnerabilities and that she's not this perfect ice maiden that she appears to be. There's a lot happening underneath the surface."

Where have I seen Rosalind Eleazar before? The acclaimed stage and screen actress starred alongside Matthew Broderick in the Starry Messenger on the West End, and has also appeared in Howard's End and Harlots.

Faye Marsay plays Joanne Aspinall


Who is Joanna Aspinall? Policewoman Joanna is Roz's neighbour, often babysitting her young daughter.

"I was keen that one of characters should be a swimmer in the lake [Lake Windermere]. So that became Joanne" Symon explained, "and you don't see it in episode one but she's one of these wild swimmers — she's a very practical person. And so she very much uses the lake for exercise in a practical way. She's quite lonely, and you see her as alone in the lake."

Where have I seen Faye Marsay before? Marsay is probably best-known for playing the creepy Waif in HBO's epic fantasy series Game of Thrones, and for playing Anne Neville in The White Queen.

Charlie Carrick plays Winston Toovey


Who is Winston Toovey? Winston is Roz's partner and father to their young daughter. He's a musician, and is struggling with a gambling addiction.

Where have I seen Charlie Carrick before? Carrick is best known for roles in Angelique's Isle, Molly Maxwell and Reign.

Gerald Kyd plays Scott Elias


Who is Scott Elias? Rich, married-man Scott discovers that her physiotherapist Roz is having money troubles, and makes her an offer that would potentially have long-lasting ramifications...

Where have I seen Gerald Kyd before? The actor and writer has starred in multiple well-known series, including Silent Witness, Humans, Unforgotten and Cold Feet.

Steve Toussaint plays Adam


Who is Adam? Kate's brother-in-law, he meets Lisa at a dinner party.

Where have I seen Steve Toussaint before? The film and television actor has starred in Point Break, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Death in Paradise and as "Otello" in Upstart Crow.

Steven Cree plays Joe Kallisto

Steven Cree

Who is Joe Kallisto? Anna Friel's onscreen husband, who accompanies Lisa to the eventful Riverty dinner party.

Where have I seen Steven Cree before? Cree recently played Andrew in MotherFatherSon, and has previously starred in shows like Outlander and Silent Witness.

Alistair Mackenzie plays Guy Riverty

Alistair Mackenzie plays Guy Riverty

Who is Guy Riverty? Kate's husband, and father to their two children; he seems increasingly distant from his family.

Where have I seen Alistair Mackenzie before? The Scottish is known for roles in various television series, including Wolf Hall, Cold Feet and Unforgotten.


Deep Water begins on Wednesday 14th August at 9pm on ITV. The entire season will be available to stream after the first episode airs.