Could we see a return to Yorkshire in the near future? Last Tango in Halifax fans' hopes for a sixth season were buoyed when creator Sally Wainwright revealed that she's already crossing her fingers for another instalment of the BBC drama.


Speaking earlier this year ahead of the long-anticipated return of the BBC One drama for season five (which aired back in March 2020), she revealed that she could write the show "until the cows come home".

Here's everything you need to know about Last Tango in Halifax season six.

When is Last Tango in Halifax season 6 release date?

It's not yet known when Last Tango in Halifax season six will be, as it hasn't yet been formally commissioned or announced. However, creator Sally Wainwright has already publicly stated that she's keen on writing another season.

Asked earlier this year whether viewers could expect a further series, Wainwright said: "I mean I hope so. I'd like to write this show until the cows come home."

Speaking at the season five premiere, Wainwright said ideas for the show had long been "cook[ing] away" despite its hiatus, before hinting that a dinner with series stars Nicola Walker and Sarah Lancashire had helped reignite the desire to see the characters on-screen again.

"I think it's the things like this kinda slowly cook away in your brain even if you're not consciously aware of it," she said. "So it's like three years but I think they never go away. We went out for dinner one night me and Sarah and Nicola in January a year back... And it was just hilarious. I was just sitting there listening to them [and wanted to] write for them again."

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Last Tango in Halifax is about a pair of childhood sweethearts, Celia and Alan, (played by Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi) reuniting in their seventies, and was based on the real-life experience of Wainwright's own mother.

The Split's Nicola Walker and Happy Valley's Sarah Lancashire respectively play Alan and Celia's daughters, who by sheer coincidence share the same birthday.

Last season saw trouble brewing for Celia and Alan, with conflicts arising around Alan's new supermarket job and his brother's extended stay.

Is there a trailer for Last Tango in Halifax season 6?

Not yet, but or a taste of the most recent series, you can watch the trailer for season five here.

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Last Tango in Halifax series five is currently airing on Sundays at 8/7c on PBS in the US