Amazon Prime Video drama series Hanna returns this November for its third - and final - season, starring Esmé Creed-Miles as the titular teenage spy and assassin.


A three season arc "was always the intention, to be honest,” showrunner David Farr told Entertainment Weekly. “If you look back at when I was talking about the second season, I talked about how it needed ‘the third act.’ I come from the theater originally, and I always have full act structure in my head to how a piece of drama plays out. And in this case, I felt that there was this very clear arc.”

Season two left viewers with plenty of questions, including: Who are the Pioneers? What will happen now that Marissa and Hanna are set to re-infiltrate Utrax? And will we see Clara again?

Read on for everything you need to know about Amazon Prime Video's Hanna season three, including plot, cast, and what happened at the end of season two.

Hanna season 3 release date

Hanna season three will premiere on 24th November 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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Amazon officially renewed the thriller for a third season, announcing the commission in July 2020.

Series creator David Farr said in a statement that he was “absolutely thrilled to be able to give Hanna a third season".

He continued: “When we set out on this journey, I had in my mind a drama that would excavate Hanna's past, challenge her in entirely new ways and answer the question: can she ever belong? I am truly grateful to Amazon and NBCU that we are able to continue that vision.

"I am also deeply indebted to Esmé Creed-Miles and to Mireille Enos for their continuing commitment and enormous talent as we take Hanna and Marissa into new and unexplored terrain. It's going to be an exciting third act.”

Speaking exclusively to ahead of season two, series star Esmé Creed-Miles previously confirmed she would "of course" be interested in a third season.

Farr previously told Entertainment Weekly that he had the third season mapped out in his head.

"I always imagined it having that third act," he said. "When you make a TV show, you do have to have an architecture in your head vaguely what it is and how long it might be, and that can change slightly.

"But in my head I always had that three-pronged idea of which the first act was the movie and this is a very exciting second act."

Hanna season 3 plot

Season two definitely left some loose threads to tie-off in a third season, with various unexpected character team-ups - and departures - in the closing minutes of the season finale.

Perhaps most chilling was the slow evolution of Utrax trainee Sandy (Áine Rose Daly) from a wholesome, blonde Brady Bunch-type into a bonafide, brain-washed killer - she's well set-up to play a key villain in season three.

Hanna season two (Amazon)
Sandy (right) in Hanna season two (Amazon)

The action-packed finale saw Hanna manage to hold off a group of Utrax employees, saving Clara and a teenage hostage whose father Sandy had murdered.

Marissa Weigler (who evolved over season two from Hanna's unexpected ally into something closer to family) arrived to save her - and blackmailed the remaining survivor, the slippery Carmichael, into turning double-agent and to help her and Hanna re-infiltrate Utrax and seek out the mysterious 'Pioneers' behind the clandestine organisation.

In season three, Marisaa, Hanna and Carmichael look set to take Utrax down - although it seems like the reluctant Carmichael may have some fight in him yet.

Hanna season 3 cast

Hanna season two (Amazon)
Hanna season two (Amazon)

We probably won't see the return of Clara (Yasmin Money Prince), the defected Utrax trainee who befriended Hanna, as at the end of season two she was seen reuniting with her birth-mother and setting off for a new life.

However, it seems confirmed that the rest of the (surviving) characters will return to the Hanna season three cast, including Hanna (Esmé Creed-Miles), ex CIA agent Marissa Weigler (Good Omens star Mireille Enos), and Utrax boss John Carmichael (Dermot Mulroney).

Hanna season 3 trailer

You can watch the trailer for Hanna season three here.


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