Spider-Man 2 is brilliant, but it's safe to say we want more in the way of a Spider-Man 2 DLC.


And now, there are Daredevil DLC rumours afoot, which are seemingly backed up by developer comments to stoke our burning desire.

Insomniac Games must be on cloud nine following the launch and they will need some well-deserved time off, but that hasn't stopped us from refreshing their Twitter feed every five seconds to see if there's been an announcement.

To pass the time till then, we have been trophy-hunting as we not only wait for the DLC but the New Game Plus mode too.

While we toil away in our madness, let's have a look-see to the past to see when the original Spider-Man got a DLC, the latest rumours and what scrumptious morsels of hope Insomniac have sprinkled for us.

Will Spider-Man 2 have DLC?

Spidey 2 DLC
Spidey 2 DLC

At the time of writing, there is no news regarding any planned DLC for Spider-Man 2. The developers have hinted at something potentially coming down the line but they are currently quite busy fixing things.

So while there's no real news per-se, we would bet a lot of money that DLC will arrive for Spider-Man 2 at some point. Its predecessor had a very successful DLC. But when can we expect it for the sequel? Well, let's take a closer look at that previous game.

When could the Spider-Man 2 DLC release?

2018 Spider-Man's DLC was called The City That Never Sleeps, which had three chapters: The Heist, Turf Wars, and Silver Lining. It served as a sort of epilogue to the main game, and we recon Spider-Man 2 will get a similar ending tacked on. But when can we expect it?

Well, the first chapter of The City That Never Sleeps came out on the 23rd October 2018. The base game released on the 7th September, which is only about a month earlier.

So that might mean we can expect a DLC before the end of 2023! Don't get your hopes up, but you never know. We'll update this page as soon as anything DLC related surfaces!

Spider-Man 2 Daredevil DLC rumours explained

Recently, Insomniac Games's senior creative Director Bryan Intihar was featured on an episode of IGN's podcast, Beyond, and was confronted with an easter egg that shows the plaque found at Hell's Kitchen that read "Nelson and Murdock" in Spider-Man is now blank.

Intihar responded with "That's a good question... Stay tuned. Good find though."

Cue speculation going through the roof, so prepare a fistful of salt.

Hell's Kitchen is the location where the Daredevil characters operated their law firm and its absence is very conspicuous.

Redditor u/AMori17 (spotted by The Gamer) added extra details after coming across a TikTok depicting a secret room adorned with references to The Hand, the group that Daredevil is at odds with.

Fellow Redditor u//Username41968 lent their thoughts on the matter, putting together even more clues.

All of these signs definitely point to Insomniac doing something related to Daredevil, but whether it's a DLC, a full-blown game or something in-between remains to be seen.

Once we've gotten to the bottom of it, we'll be sure to update you!

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